'We're Actively Trying': 'Love Is Blind' Couple Lauren and Cameron Are Ready To Have A Baby

The second season of Love Is Blind is here for your bingewatching pleasure. The hit reality series first appeared on our streaming screens for the first time in 2020 and many of us were reeled in from the first episode. These weren’t your conventional love stories–people were dating and falling in love before seeing one another. 

A couple that stood out from the first season is Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton. They are still going strong after tying the knot in 2018. Over the years, they’ve acquired millions of followers and have grown their entertainment and sports agency. The couple have been very open about the progress of their relationship, documenting and sharing it on social media and YouTube. 

After much success, the pair have moved into their new family home and say they are ready to start trying for babies. 

“We’re actively trying. So it’s a whole lot of practicing right now,” Lauren told Entertainment Tonight jokingly. “But we’re enjoying the practicing.”

This revelation comes as the couple have dealt with eager fans who’ve wanted to see them start a family since falling in love with them on the series. 

“Even if we post some mundane picture or something like that, the comments are always like, ‘When’s the baby coming?’ ‘Is Lauren pregnant?’” Cameron explained.

The couple just bought their new home and it’s luxury at its finest. It has a mancave in the basement, a glam room for Speed to do her makeup, a movie theater for cozy date nights and more. Speed says they’re ready to fill the home with some babies. 

As they took ET on a tour around the space, she pointed out a tabletop that Cameron built from scratch and joked, “Once we have kids and they’re banging on it, I’m gonna be like, ‘You know your dad built this table! Be gentle.’”

We’re always rooting for these two! We hope the happy couple expands their family at a time that’s right for them and we wish them more happiness and success.

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