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THE Latest trend “hair cycling” encourages you to swap your shampoo and conditioner for each wash, based on the results you want to achieve, and use a clarifying shampoo every few weeks as a hard reset.

I try three of the best.


The Body Shop tea tree purifying & balancing shampoo, £8.50 for 250ml, thebodyshop.com: This shampoo lathers really well, so gives a deep clean quickly.

It leaves hair shiny and it contains Vegan Silk Protein to help repair hair from the inside out – so it is strengthening as well as clarifying. 

Although my hair felt thoroughly cleaned, it got greasy just as quickly as it would with a normal shampoo. 

Plus, I’m not a fan of the smell, I find it too medicinal. But if you like invigorating scents, you’ll love it.


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Aveda rosemary mint purifying shampoo, £16.50 for 250ml, lookfantastic.com: Despite Aveda being one of my favourite haircare brands, I liked this shampoo the least of the three.

Like with the tea tree shampoo above, I didn’t love the herby rosemary and mint scent.

And I found I had to shampoo my head twice to get a clean that was close to the best shampoo of those I tried. 

Granted, I use a lot of styling products and have naturally oily hair, so probably have more build-up than most, but this wasn’t the hard reset I was hoping for.

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But if you’re  just concerned about greasy roots, it’s probably gentle enough to use for every wash.


Living Proof perfect hair day triple detox shampoo, £25 for 160ml, livingproof.co.uk: I was sceptical when I first saw its  tar-like consistency, but I needn’t have been. It was my favourite.

 My hair has never felt so clean, although it takes slightly longer to wash as the shampoo doesn’t lather very well. 

Other than that, I have no complaints. My hair easily lasts an extra couple of days before I need to wash it, and despite the deep clean, it doesn’t feel stripped or dry.

Also, as it’s Living Proof, it’s free from silicones, parabens and sulfates.

Pick of the week

IN true New Year, New Me style, L’Oreal Paris Revitalift filler  hyaluronic acid serum (£24.99, Boots) has been given   a major update. 

It has been reformulated to include new micro-epidermic hyaluronic acid. 

It’s now clinically proven to deliver results within just one hour of application, plumping the appearance of wrinkles and reducing skin dryness. 

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