Where can I buy Myrkl hangover pill and is it available in the UK? | The Sun

HANGOVERS are grim and for many people, mean hours spent nursing a sore head.

If you're planning a big night out though, there could be a solution for you.

Experts have now developed a new hangover busting pill – which claims to leave you feeling refreshed the next day.

This might seem too good to be true – but new medication Myrkl is set to combat the symptoms associated with a night on the booze.

But where can you buy the medication and is it available in the UK?

At present, the supplements are only available through the Myrkl website.

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That means it's not available at your local pharmacy and unfortunately, you won't be able to wrack up your Boots or Superdrug points.

It costs £30 for 30 tablets which means that you could be hangover free for as little as £2, as each dose is two capsules.

The products are currently in stock on the website and it states if ordered, they are available within 24 hours.

Is it available in the UK?

Yes, the product is available in the UK.

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Standard delivery is £2.50 for orders under £40 and free for orders over £40.

Next day delivery will set you back £4.00 and you have to order before midnight.

However, this isn't available on Bank Holidays and is only available in England, Wales and Scotland.

Islands and Highlands are excluded from next day delivery.

For the rest of Europe, the product is available in Germany, France, Ireland and Norway – with standard delivery being £5.

In Italy, Sweden, Denmark and Austria, delivery is £7.00 and in Finland and Switzerland it's £10.

What is Myrkl?

Myrkl is a pill that you can take before you drink.

The creators say it is 100 per cent natural and vegan and is based on a mix of high-performing bacterias enriched with L-cysteine and Vitamin B12.

The journal Nutrition and Metabolic Insights reported that, in tests, subjects had 70 per cent less alcohol in their blood an hour after two vodkas — which may have helped the boozers in hit 2009 comedy The Hangover.

Håkan Magnusson, of Swedish inventors de Faire Medical, said: “Two drinks is enough to stop you feeling fresh in the morning.

“I hand it out to my friends when I go out for a drink and they always tell me next day they feel great.”

Myrkl is not suitable for those who are pregnant, breastfeeding or under the age of 18.

How does it work?

You take two pills at least one hour and up to 12 hours before drinking.

Once you take the pills the bacteria and the l-cycteine B12 activate in the gut before the booze reaches the liver.

The alcohol is then broken down into water and carbon dioxide.

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Acetaldehyde and acetic acid are also broken down by the liver.

Then the B12 is set to help you feel refreshed.

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