White boards can be used to help dementia sufferers

Daughter comforts her dementia-stricken mother by leaving a whiteboard covered in reassuring phrases in her living room – and is praised for the ‘beautiful’ idea

  • Woman uses a whiteboard to offer reassurance to her dementia-stricken mother
  • She writes comforting phrases and leaves the board in her mother’s living room 
  • A photo of the whiteboard has gone viral after being shared by a British GP 
  • Many users were ‘touched’ by the post and admitted they wanted to try the idea

A GP has revealed the simple way a daughter uses a whiteboard to comfort her dementia-stricken mother. 

Dr Philip Grimmer, of Wiltshire, revealed the woman writes comforting and helpful phrases on the board, which she then places in her elderly mother’s living room. 

He explained the small gesture helps to reduce the number of anxious phone calls the daughter receives when she is not with her mother. 

A GP has revealed the simple way a daughter uses a whiteboard to comfort her dementia-stricken mother. Dr Philip Grimmer, of Wiltshire, shared a photo of the whiteboard online

The idea was praised by Twitter users after it was shared online by Dr Grimmer, with many admitting they wished they had thought to use a similar approach with their own loved ones.

The GP shared a photo with the caption: ‘Words of reassurance left for an elderly lady with dementia by her daughter. A simple white board left in her sight line in her sitting room. Helped to reduce constant anxious phone calls.’

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A number of users were moved by the post, with one writing: ‘Makes me tearful. We forget how frightening a hospital admission/ new care home is. 

‘I spent months preparing my daughter for big school. Yet we trivialise the burden of a confusing hospital for someone living with dementia.’  

A flood of responses to the post praised the daughter who had the idea for the white board and shared their hope to follow in her footsteps 

Another added: ‘I’m in tears. What a simple, yet effective means to help reassure a loved one. Thanks for sharing this.’

A user speaking under the handle ‘doonthevalley’, shared wishing that he had made a board for his father. 

He wrote: ‘My dad worried about all of them & it has made me tearful reading them & wishing that I had thought to do the same for him, although I think he had probably forgotten how to read by then.’

Others revealed similar methods they’ve used to bring reassurance to those who they’ve provided care for. 

Many Twitter users shared their creative ways of reassuring sufferers of dementia and Alzheimer’s including leaving notes int heir pockets and writing on the fridge

One person said: ‘White board was invaluable for us. We also used washable markers and wrote on the white fridge door with what was inside/ side of freezer so could remember & choose meals’

Another wrote: ‘We did this with my mother & it worked really well. 

‘She stayed between my sister & I. We also put up signs for where the most obvious things she would ask about were. 

‘And we tried to give her useful small jobs which made her feel better & were great for us.’

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