Who'll find love on our blind date?

Who’ll find love on our blind date? This week it’s Jo, 48 and Ben, 44, but will romance be on the cards?

  • Every week, FEMAIL asks two singletons to report back from their blind date
  • This week Jo, 48, and Ben, 44, shared the outcome of their date in the UK 
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Jo, 48, has been single for two years, with a daughter, 26, and son, 11


Single for two years, with a daughter, 26, and son, 11.


Marketing strategist.


I prefer younger men — they tend to have more energy and take better care of themselves. I also like emotionally intelligent, driven types.

JO, 48

Dating Past

I was married until 2015 — we were together for ten years. I was then in a four-year relationship, but I’ve had nothing long-term since. I’m independent, run my own business and take care of myself, all of which makes it much harder to meet someone. I don’t drink either, so I have to push myself to go out.

Pre-Date Nerves?

No, I’m used to meeting people for my business. I’m an introvert but can be extrovert when I need to.

First Impressions?

I could tell Ben was more nervous than me. He went for a handshake while I went for a kiss on the cheek. Physically, he wasn’t my type, but that made it easy to relax.

Easy To Talk To?

I already knew that Ben’s mum has cancer and he was looking after her, which speaks well of him. We talked about how she is doing and I really felt for him, especially as he lost his dog last year, too.

We talked about my two dogs — Bob, a Jack Russell, and Bear (a Jack Russell-Beagle cross).

I had looked at the menu in advance, so I knew what I wanted to order, but Ben took ages choosing. I am funny (is it OK to say that?) and I did make Ben laugh.

Embarrassing Moments?

Ben did ask me which knife and fork to use. But it was refreshing that he does not place any importance on ‘fancy restaurants’.


LIKED? Ben’s ability to chat.

REGRETS? I don’t think so.


Did Sparks Fly?

No. Previously I had said I didn’t really have a type . . . but now I realise that maybe I do. I go to the gym every day, and weight-training is my one true love. That isn’t the case for Ben.

I’m not sure how a relationship would work with someone who doesn’t work out as often as me.

See him again?

Probably not. We left the restaurant after three lovely hours and we hugged goodbye at the train station. We have shared some pictures from our date, but that’s it.

What do you think he thought of you?

Ben said he thought I was funny. I gave him a box of chocolates for his mum, so I hope he thought I was a nice person and that I was also good company.

Would your family and friends like him?

I couldn’t see myself introducing him to them, to be fair. Life is too short to be with someone when you have so little in common.

Single for five years, no children.


Audio visual technician.


A warm, bubbly woman with a great sense of humour. I don’t like those rude stuck-up types who take themselves too seriously and never say thank you.


LIKED? Jo’s sense of humour.

REGRETS? Not one.


BEN, 44

Dating Past

My last relationship lasted ten years. We were very happy but, in the end, mutually agreed it had run its course. I’ve dated on and off, but my mum has lung cancer so I’m focused on her right now.

Pre-Date Nerves?

If I’m honest, a few, but I was excited to be going out. I decided the night before to wear a pair of smart grey trousers with a pink shirt. Mum knew about the date; she’d love to see me settle down.

First Impressions?

In a word — wow. I wasn’t expecting someone in her late 40s to look as amazing as Jo, and I didn’t hesitate to compliment her on it. No, she didn’t return the compliment.

Easy To Talk To?

We talked about Jo’s children, and how she shares custody of her son. She already knew my mum was ill, as we’d had to put the date back by a few weeks as a result.

She even arrived with chocolates for her, which was thoughtful. I think I shocked Jo and the maître d’ when I asked for ketchup for my ribeye steak.

We both love animals and I mentioned losing my dog, Pleasure, last year. Jo laughed (a lot) when I told her how I’d picked her up from the vet once and said, ‘I’m here for Pleasure’, only to be told I was in the wrong establishment. I really do miss her.

Embarrassing Moments?

I always trip over something or say the wrong thing on a date.

I told Jo she was ‘quite nice’ — she picked up on the use of ‘quite’, asking what I meant by that. Women!

Did Sparks Fly?

Yes, definitely, though I suspect she is a bit out of my league. Jo has got her own business and her life is sorted.

I’m laid-back, while she is very driven. I love that she lifts weights — she has inspired me to get back to the gym.

See her again?

I would love to — Jo is amazing and you don’t meet many like her. I hope she’d see me for a drink.

What do you think she thought of you?

Funny? Immature? A lover of ketchup? It’s hard to say.

Would your family like her?

One hundred per cent — my mum and my sister love strong, feisty women like Jo.

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