Who'll find love on our blind date? This week it's Annie and Bob

Who’ll find love on our blind date? This week it’s Annie, 59 and Bob, 64 but will romance be on the cards?

  • Every week, FEMAIL asks two singletons to report back from their blind date
  • Annie, 59, and Bob, 64, who both live in East London, shared their experience
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Annie, 59, (pictured) has been single for 11 years and has no children 


Dating Past?

I was married in my mid-30s for eight years. As for dating in 2020, I honestly couldn’t be bothered. The online merry-go-round stresses me out, so I was happy to leave it. I’m self-sufficient anyway, so unless someone is going to sweep me off my feet, I’d rather be on my own. I’d never settle for second best.


Single for 11 years, no children.


Part-Time administrator.


An intelligent, ambitious, self-sufficient, funny, nicely spoken guy. I’m turned off by overweight men.

Pre-Date Nerves?

A little, but it’s good to have some knee-knocking beforehand. I told myself that, if nothing else, it would be a nice way to meet a friend. I’ve been on two blind dates before — one kept taking the mickey out of me and the other had a professor-type beard, which I couldn’t get past.

First Impressions?

Bob was already at our table when I arrived. My first thought was that he’s got a nice face and a bit of a silver-fox look about him. He was wearing a smart jacket with an open-necked shirt.

Easy To Talk To?

We discovered we’ve both seen the world. Bob joked that I’ve been to more places than he has — and he’s a travel writer. We’ve both visited Clarksdale, in Mississippi, a non-touristy town that’s the birthplace of the blues.

Bob has lived in Ethiopia, which I find fascinating. He made me smile when he said that he sees Ethiopia as his wife and India as his mistress. While there weren’t lots of laughs, we were two interesting people swapping life experiences, and it was nice to have decent conversation with someone intelligent.


Liked? Free-flowing, intelligent conversation.

Regrets? No.

Coffee or cab? Cab.

Embarrassing Moments?

None that I recall.

Did Sparks Fly?

No. I’ve realised that in my head I look and feel younger than I am, so I’d prefer to go for someone younger than me. I know a five-year age gap isn’t a lot, and I appreciate that says more about me than it does about Bob.

See him again?

It would be nice to meet and go for a coffee. We’re both well-educated and have plenty to talk about. But I don’t think I would start a relationship with Bob.

What do you think he thought of you?

Hopefully Bob thinks that I’m interesting with things to say, although at one point I did have to tell myself to hold back and let Bob talk. I hope he doesn’t think I’m an old windbag.

Would your family like him?

My mum would think Bob is delightful. He’s so nicely spoken and has a good family background and career, too.

BOB, 64

Dating Past?

I joke that I’ve always loved way out of my league, but the truth is I’ve never found The One. While I’ve lived with women, I’ve never gone as far as walking down the aisle — although I did twice come close to marrying.

I haven’t bothered with dating for years. But recently I moved further along the coast from where I lived in Brighton, and want to explore the area. A date seemed a good way to do it.


Single for ten years, no children.


Travel journalist/filmmaker.


Someone kind, funny and curious. I’d run from anyone who is ‘high maintenance’ — or who supports Arsenal.

Pre-Date Nerves?

No, I was more excited really. My female friends were rooting for me and made jokes about when they can buy hats for my wedding.

First Impressions?

I arrived ten minutes early so my date didn’t walk in to find an empty table. This is normal for me — I think good manners are important.

Annie didn’t disappoint. She’s an attractive woman and was wearing an elegant dress with knee-high boots. She mentioned she’d appeared in an am-dram production of Billy Liar and that’s when I realised she reminded me of Julie Christie, who starred in the 1963 film. We were the best dressed couple in the place, with Annie doing the heavy lifting in the fashion stakes.

Easy To Talk To?

I have travelled extensively for my job as a writer, but Annie has seen even more of the world than I have. We have both travelled across India by train — we even booked our tickets at the same travel agent! I was impressed she’d taken on such a journey. Even though she travelled on upmarket trains, it’s still an adventurous thing to do.


Liked? The company of my vivacious companion.

Regrets? None.

Coffee or cab? Cab.

We also both lived in Leyton, East London, at the start of our careers. Annie has worked in TV and I have friends in that world, so we laughed about our time spent in the early 1980s in the ITV bar on the South Bank.

Embarrassing Moments?

No, thankfully I didn’t spill anything.

Did Sparks Fly?

I don’t think so. The date just lacked the vital chemistry that romance is all about. We didn’t swap numbers.

See her again ?

For a date, no. That doesn’t detract from Annie being fabulous company and vivacious. There’s a lucky man out there for her.

What do you think she thought of you?

I hope that I’m good company.

Would your friends like her?

Yes. She is interesting to talk to and interested in whomever she meets. 

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