Who'll find love on our blind date? This week it's Katy and Jonathan

Who’ll find love on our blind date? This week it’s Katy, 32, and Jonathan, 32, but will romance be on the cards?

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  • Katy, 32, and Jonathan, 32, questioned if they were at different stage in life 
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Katy, 32, (pictured) has been single for five years and doesn’t have any children 

KATY, 32  

Dating Past?

I started dating my only long-term boyfriend when I was 18, and we were together for eight-and-a-half years.

We spent so long trying to make it work, and even bought a house together. But we drifted apart — you change so much during your 20s.

I’m not great on dating apps. It’s hard to build a rapport over text.

Pre-Date Nerves?

I was nervous just before the date. My sister and my best friend thought it was very exciting.


Single for five years, no children.


Team leader for an air conditioning company.


Someone kind and smart, with a nice smile. Stocky, bald men aren’t for me

First Impressions?

Jonathan was early, and wore a striped Breton top with a shirt. He told me he doesn’t wear a shirt often, and I appreciated that he was dressed nicely. If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s to be kind and not so quick to judge.

Easy To Talk To?

Yes, I immediately felt at ease. I told him about my solo travels in Australia and New Zealand aged 27. Jonathan is keen on going to Mexico and I can relate because it shares a border with California, which is my spiritual home.

We also enjoy going for walks along the river, though his walks are several miles longer than mine. We agreed that after lockdown, we’re keen to get on with our lives.

Embarrassing Moments?

I hope not — none that I can recall.

Did Sparks Fly?


LIKED? The conversation was really good.


COFFEE OR CAB? Cocktails.

Jonathan is funny, easy to talk to and has a great laugh. But while he enjoys going out and burning the midnight oil, my clubbing days are long gone. Even though we’re the same age, we’re at different stages in life.

What do you think he thought of you?

I hope he liked me. He suggested splashing out on alcohol — spending more on booze than we did on food — and I was happy to go along with it.

I’m naturally cautious though, and kept track of our alcohol intake. After one glass of wine each, we shared a bottle and finished with a cocktail.

We took a selfie together, and I got his number so I could send it to him. I haven’t heard from him yet, but would be happy to keep in contact.

Would your friends like him?

My girlfriends like everyone. However, I suspect he’d get on better with my male circle of school friends.

Jonathan (pictured) has been single for 18 months and doesn’t have children


Dating Past?

I was with my last long-term girlfriend for five years, and when we left university we lived together for a year. However, we broke up eight years ago.

Since then, I’ve been on dates via apps. While I’m not ready to settle down, I’m interested to see how I’ll get along on a blind date.

Pre-date nerves?


Single for 18 months, no children.


Unemployed and moving into recruitment.


A woman with gravitas. She won’t be the loudest, but will be quietly confident.

No, I don’t get nervous when I’m meeting someone. That sounds arrogant, but it isn’t meant to be. Even though I prefer to dress casually, I wore a shirt for the date as I wanted to make a good first impression.

First impressions?

I arrived 15 minutes early and enjoyed a glass of red wine as I waited. Normally I’d have texted my date and asked her what she wanted, but I couldn’t this time because I didn’t have her number.

Katy arrived on time, looking pretty and well-presented in a smart dress. As she doesn’t drink red wine I immediately ordered her a glass of white and made her feel welcome.

Easy to talk to?

We were both curious to know why the other had decided to go on a blind date, and agreed that this year’s events mean it’s time to try something new. We finished the date off with a cocktail each, and it is fair to say we both got a bit tipsy.

Embarrassing moments?

The most embarrassing part was when the waiter arrived with my pudding, a chocolate bomb. As he poured the chocolate sauce over it, I decided I’d film it and send it to a friend. Was it the right thing to do on a date? I’m not sure. We both laughed as it was clear the waiter wanted to make sure we had our cameras ready for his big moment.

LIKED? I met someone new.

REGRETS? I wish I’d ordered a side dish as well as a main.

COFFEE OR CAB? Cocktails.

Did sparks fly?

We got on, but the spark was missing. Katy, I think, is someone who wants to be home before midnight, whereas I still like to be out until the early hours. It was a nice date — while I know nice can sometimes be a bland word, it was just that.

What do you think she thought of you?

That I’m polite, friendly, approachable and confident. It sounds arrogant (again), but I suspect she enjoyed my company.

Would your friends like her?

I suspect my friends would expect me to be with someone who is happiest going out all night. That’s where I am now in my life, and that isn’t Katy. We enjoyed our time together, but we are too different.

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