Why Will Ferrell Rejected A $29Million Offer For ‘Elf 2’

The movie Elf has become a modern Christmas movie classic which made Will Ferrell draw major box office; however, Elf 2 is not going to happen soon after Will Ferrell rejected a $29 Million offer to do the sequel for Elf. During the interview for his latest movie, The Shrink Next Door, Ferrell has talked about the success of his movie Elf. He was surprised by how much the people loved it and did not expect the movie to be a huge success. He stated that he rejected the offer after the story was pitched to him, and he added that while he loved doing the movie, he thought that rehashing the same story to do a sequel just so they could earn more money was not appealing to him.

The movie Elf, which was directed by Jon Favreau, is about Buddy, a human who was raised by elves in the North Pole. The moment he found out that he was not an elf and he had another family, he traveled to New York to search for his biological father. His adventure to find his biological father in the Big Apple will be filled with laughter as he meets other people. The movie is sweet, funny, and has the perfect combination to be the best holiday film to watch. The movie also stars Zooey Deschanel and James Caan.

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A sequel to the movie seem fun and will bring continuity to the life of the characters. However, Ferrell walked away from the offer and said that it was something he could not stand doing despite the $29 Million offer from the producers. When finally asked to give a statement as to why he rejected the offer, he said that doing the movie will involve promoting the movie; however, he cannot promise that he can be honest in promoting the movie since he thinks that the script is not good in his opinion and he knows he cannot say that he just accepted the movie because of the money even though he thinks its bad.

There are also rumors that Ferrell does not have a good relationship with the movie director, Jon Favreau, which might also be the reason why he turned it down. While Ferrell thinks that there should not be another story about Elf, his co-star James Caan once said in his interview that he thinks that there’s more to the story, and a continuation might answer some questions about the movie.

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