Wife had long, noisy sex session with my mate while his missus and I listened

I’m 26 and my wife is 25. We’ve been married for two years and we’ve been trying for a family for a year. I wondered if maybe the size of my manhood was somehow to blame.

My wife had been hinting that she was bored with my efforts in bed, so I agreed to a foursome to make it up to her for my lack of inches.

She suggested my mate and his wife would be a good pair. They are both 24. She said it would help to be sharing with friends. I was unsure about that but I promised to give it a go.

They came over to ours and I took my mate’s wife upstairs to the spare room. We had sex for an hour but I couldn’t satisfy her like I’m sure her husband would.

When we’d finished we needed a drink and I offered to open a bottle. We paused on the landing and couldn’t ignore all the grunting and passionate screams from inside.

They seemed to be having an amazing time. This carried on for a couple of hours while his wife and I chatted and drank too much. We got on well but she said her husband’s penis was twice the size of mine.

After that night I assumed that my wife would be desperate for another foursome but she didn’t suggest it again.

Our sex life went back to its normal routine.

That foursome was six weeks ago and my wife has now told me she’s pregnant at last.

I ought to be thrilled but I can’t help but worry that I’m not the dad. Does my mate’s massive manhood make it likely the baby is his?


Yet sex therapists “prescribe” it.

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DEIDRE SAYS: No, size has nothing to do with it. You’ve been having regular sex with your wife and the likelihood is that the baby is yours.

That wasn’t really a foursome, more like a wife swap, in fact. But whatever you call it, it wasn’t the best way to sort out your problems in bed.

Your lack of confidence is likely to be having more impact on your sex life than the size of your tackle.

My e-leaflet, Manhood Too Small?, will help to reassure you.

Keep your sex life between the two of you in future. It sounds like your wife isn’t keen on repeating that night so maybe she’s learned something too.

With luck, you will soon have a baby to love. Forget about foursomes and focus on that.

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