Will Smith Smashes The ‘In My Feeling’ Challenge & Bieber, Ciara, & Even Drake Agree It Can’t Be Beat

Will Smith has us in our feelings He just won the ‘In My Feelings’ dance challenge to Drake’s smash hit, and if you don’t believe us, just ask Drake, himself! Smith’s video was so epic celebs are freaking out over it!

Will Smith, 49, just owned the “In My Feelings” challenge! The actor decided to hop on viral dance video sensation to “In My Feelings,” the mega hit off Drake‘s new album, Scorpion. And, we might as well wrap up the challenge at this point, because who can top this? Smith actually made his own movie-like challenge, and completed the dance atop a bridge in Budapest! Watch the epic video below!

Smith opens the video looking out the window at the famous Chain Bridge. He does this while looking at Ciara, and Russell Wilson‘s challenge. He then turns and says to the camera, “Woke up this morning in my feelings, and I was like, I gotta let em’ out.” He also admits that he is afraid to be up that high. Smith then runs to the bridge, while questioning if what he’s about to do is even legal. But, he does it anyway. “I was TERRIFIED up there. That’s why my dance moves is all STIFF! Haha,” Smith captioned his video, which has since garnered the attention of Drake, and more stars!

Smith’s challenge video is so good, that other celebs who even participated in the viral sensation are applauding him! “You are Legend,” Ciara wrote. “Wow the video is done,” Drake commented.

The viral challenge — originally started by internet sensation and comedian Shoker of “The Shiggy Show”  has taken the internet by storm, and Hollywood’s hottest celebrities have hopped on it! Drizzy’s good friend, NFL pro, Odell Beckham Jr. even gave Shiggy a shoutout on Instagram when he reposted Shiggy’s dance, along with his own rendition, which was amazing. Other celebs who’ve already completed the challenge include Kevin HartJames Harden,  LaLa Anthony,  Lil MamaAngela SimmonsTinashe, and more!

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