Woman blasts ‘fire hazard’ for tiny apartment that costs £3,000 a month

A house-hunter was horrified when she viewed a property only to "get whacked" by the door.

Charlotte, who lives in New York City, was looking for an apartment in the Big Apple and she has been looking for options around.

Despite knowing the "absurd prices" in the popular US city, she was shocked when the estate agent took her to view a flat that is asking for a rent of $4,000 (£3,178) a month.

So she shared a video on TikTok to show viewers the "reality of New York City apartment hunting".

Charlotte stands outside the apartment and pushes open the door as she gets ready to take a look inside the flat.

Right before the space opens up to let her step inside, the door hits the kitchen unit and almost rebounds to her face.

"Oh the stove!" she exclaims.

She also wrote: "Imagine paying $4,000 per month to get whacked with the door every time you use the stove and someone comes home.

"How is this not a fire hazard?"

The entrance opens up to the kitchenette – which is just big enough to fit one person going through at a time – and further in, it is the living room.

The estate agent allegedly admitted: "It's definitely inconvenient."

Viewers found it unacceptable to pay over £3,000 a month for a place with potential "fire hazard".

One asked: "How do they expect people to move furniture in there?"

Another joked: "Oh this is an anti-burglary set-up. They can't break in if they can't get in."

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