Woman branded a ‘serial killer’ after cutting sandwich in ‘chaotic’ way

Us Brits are never short of a foodie debate.

This month, we've discussed overcooked baked beans and scallops.

And now, the conversation has turned to how we should cut our sandwiches up.

While many of us opt for squares or triangles, a woman has caused a stir by dividing her sarnie into three pieces.

Her husband shamed her sandwich chopping on Reddit, where he posted: “Been with my wife for nearly 30 years and she still surprises me. Today she cut her sandwich like this. Never done it like this before.”

He attached the picture of the sandwich which had been cut into three asymmetrical pieces.

The original poster provided an update behind the sandwich cutting method.

He said: ”She said the mum of one of her old school friends cut sandwiches like this and it just popped into her head so she went with it.”

People quickly took to the comments to share their opinion on the unique take

One person commented: “I find this very interesting! It's like having three different sandwiches!”

Another stated: “This looks like one of those maths puzzles where you rearrange the sandwich to be the 'same' area but end up with a bit left over.”

A third noted: “Never thought I'd see such chaos in something as simple as slicing a sandwich.”

And another user joked: “Mark of a serial killer.”

How do you cut your sandwiches? Let us know in the comments below.

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