Woman changes face in seconds saying ‘we don’t know what’s real’ on social media

A woman has shown how easy it is to airbrush pictures to remind people not to compare themselves to images they see on social media, saying "we don't know what's real".

Danielle, AKA Kale Them With Kindness, often posts fitness advice to her over 35,000 Instagram followers.

Now she's shown how easy it is to transform your image in seconds with the click of a button.

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The fitness and self-love coach and content creator often works to promote body positivity, and to expose the reality behind the pictures we see on social media.

In a recent post she showed just how easy it is to transform your image by posting a series of images of herself side-by-side.

One showed the natural selfie she took, while the other revealed the edited, airbrushed version which made her skin look shinier, her make-up look flawless and her teeth look whiter.

She completely transformed herself within the simple click of a button.

Writing on Instagram, Danielle said: "Remember this when you’re scrolling on here.

"You don’t know what’s real on here. But you’re beautiful as you are.

"Happy Sunday! Let’s have a week full of self love."

Many people have liked the post since Danielle shared the comparison snaps.

People have said they "love" the content she posts together with the honesty behind it.

One person said: "You look gorgeous in both comparison pics."

Another added: "Reality looks beyond great."

A third commented: "Keep it real, girl."


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