Woman Defecates On Floor Of Tim Hortons, Throws Poop At Employee Who Wouldn’t Let Her Use The Bathroom

Video of the disgusting attack has gone viral, and the woman is now under arrest.

She was caught brown-handed.

A woman who allegedly defecated on the floor of a Tim Hortons and then threw the poop at an employee who had told her she could not use the bathroom has been arrested by police in Canada, and her act of disgusting defiance is getting worldwide attention. Video of the woman’s poop protest showed up on YouTube this week, the Abbotsford News reported, and footage shot to the top of the link-sharing site Reddit.

Police said the incident took place at 6:15 p.m. on Monday at a Tim Hortons restaurant in downtown Langley City. Surveillance footage showed the woman in what appeared to be a heated argument with a staff member, who was asking her to leave the restaurant. The woman then dropped her pants, leaned against a wall, and defecated directly on to the floor.

Unfortunately for the employee, the incident wasn’t over there. The woman then immediately picked up the poop and threw it toward the Tim Hortons staff member, who at that point was off camera. As the New York Post noted, she also wiped her backside with a wad of paper and then threw that at employees as well. It was not clear if the poop hit its target.

Someone called the police in the wake of the poop-flinging incident. Officers showed up to find the woman still in the parking lot.

This was apparently not the first time that the woman has caused trouble inside the coffee shop. A spokesman for the company told The Province that employees at the restaurant had denied access to the bathroom for the woman based on her past behavior. The spokesperson did not elaborate on exactly what that meant. Tim Hortons has a policy that allows employees to restrict access to the restroom if the decision is in the best interest of its patrons, the spokesperson said.

The video of the Tim Hortons pooper can be found in the tweet embedded below. Be warned, it may be a bit too disgusting for some viewers.

The Tim Hortons pooper, who was not named, will face a later court date. Police have not yet determined what charges she will face or the incident.

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