Woman gets genius revenge on unfaithful ex buying ‘cheating films’ on Amazon

A woman has revealed how she got revenge on her cheating ex-boyfriend by racking up a £500 bill on his Amazon account.

Lauren Lilley, from Salisbury, Wiltshire, decided to get back at her ex Nathan after finding out he'd been unfaithful in the most genius way.

After kicking Nathan out of her house, 29-year-old Lauren decided to 'hit him where it hurt', by spending a hefty £500 on films, using his Amazon Prime account.

Not only that, the movies she purchased hinted at infidelity, including Cheater, The Unworthy and Liar.

Lauren said: "A couple of days later after crying and being a mess, I realised I was still logged into his Amazon Prime account.

"I just thought after everything I've been put through for over two years, and he doesn't care for what he's done, I knew where to hit him where it hurt – in his bank balance. I knew that was the way to hit him."

She added: "I didn't want to buy films he would benefit from. I ventured into the Bollywood scene.

"He was at work so I knew he wouldn't be on his phone to get alerts. I realised they've got really authentic names. I started seeing stuff like Cheater.

"I knew he'd be able to get his money back, but to be at work, freezing cold, in the middle of nowhere, to then look at your bank balance and how much has gone out, [I knew] his a**e was going to fall out.

"I knew he'd eventually get refunded. In the meantime, I knew his a**e would drop through and he'd be gutted that his bank balance was dented."

Lauren, who was with Nathan for two years, says that move means he "won't forget me, ever'.

Nathan, 26, was at work at the end of November when he claims he received a call from his bank's fraud squad, warning him of suspicious activity on his account.

Despite the bill, he was able to see the funny side.

Lauren said Nathan has since been in touch to 'commend' her for her creative vengeance, calling it "f***ing brilliant".

Talking about the incident, Nathan said it was "fair enough" that Lauren wanted to get back at him.

Thankfully, only £245 of the £500-spend went through as his bank realised the transactions were not his.

He said: "I had a phone call from the bank fraud squad to say someone was using my bank card.

"I got emails to say all of these DVDs had been ordered. Around £245 went through.

"Amazon Prime refunded me. My account was logged in but she didn't have my permission to buy things off that account."

In response, Nathan has now blocked Lauren on all his accounts.

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