Woman gets tattoo of rocks on leg – but everyone thinks design looks rude

When a woman posted a picture of her new tattoo online, she probably didn’t expect to be roasted online.

The lass wanted an illustration of a stack of stones inked onto her leg to symbolise ancient cairns.

The man-made piles of stones – such as ones seen in Stonehenge – were used to signal whether or not visitors are on the right path.

But unfortunately, people think she made the wrong move by getting the quirky inking.

On a tattoo-shaming group on Facebook, cheeky commenters laughed that the cairn looks more like a pile of poo.

One said: “Can someone tell whoever produced this pile of poop that they should eat more fibre or something.”

Another wrote: “My dog pooped a stack like that once!”

And a third added: “I'm guessing they were going for some kind of cairn? Those are usually not built out of poop.”

Meanwhile, another tattoo fan had an even ruder interpretation of the inking.

They admitted: “Well I saw some weird sex toy.

“Now feel kind of grossed out reading all the poop comments. The two do not mix.”

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