Woman reveals how she makes her own multi-purpose bathroom spray

Looking for a cheap and easy way to make your bathroom sparkle?

One mum has come up with a recipe to make her own spray for tiles, sinks and shower screens.

Chantel Mila posted the video on her TikTok Mama_Mila_, showing how she mixes three things together and then gets cleaning.

She adds one cup of warm white vinegar, two tablespoons of dish soap and a few drops of tea tree oil to a spray bottle.

The vinegar and soap help to clean and leave surfaces sparkling, while the tea tree oil kills mould spores and makes it all smell great.

Once mixed together, Chantel sprays it over the bathroom, including the shower screen and leaves it for 10 minutes before wiping and rinsing.

She describes it as a DIY bathroom spray that ‘does the hard work for you’.

Her caption adds that it’s ‘the only bathroom spray you’ll ever need’ because it can be used on different surfaces.

She advises warming the vinegar a little first to help it mix with the detergent. She puts it in the microwave for a few seconds.

Chantel said: ‘The warm white vinegar is a natural odour eliminator and stain remover, the dish soap cuts through grime and soap scum and the tea tree oil is a natural way to kill mould spores.’

Others loved the tip and said they would be trying it out themselves.

‘This is so amazing, thank you,’ one wrote. 

‘I have used this regularly and it works perfectly,’ another commented

A third said: ‘Your bathroom is gorgeous.’

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