Woman said she had a severe allergic reaction to her lashes extension

Woman, 25, reveals how severe allergic reaction to lash extensions left her unable to see and fearing she’d permanently damaged her eyes

  • Jessica Shannon, 25, suffered severe allergic reaction to her Russian lashes  
  • Jessica, from Wetherby, West Yorkshire, said eyes swelled shut due to reaction
  • Said couldn’t see anything for days and that it took a week to recover from ordeal

A singleton claims an allergic reaction to lash extensions left her looking like she’d done ‘ten rounds with Mike Tyson’ – ruining her birthday and leaving her fearing she’d permanently damaged her eyes.

Jessica Shannon, 25, of Wetherby, West Yorkshire, said her Russian lashes looked ‘absolutely stunning’ when she had them done last month on September 25, but after she woke up from a night out two days later her eyes were ‘completely swollen’.

She was left terrified because her eyelids soon became completely stuck together, sore, itchy and watery and before long she ‘couldn’t see anything whatsoever’.

The former carer for the elderly dashed to A&E where she was told she had corneal abrasion and ‘cried like a big baby’ when she later had the lashes removed – although said it was a big relief.

Jessica said it wasn’t until a week later that her eyes fully returned to normal and she’s hoping to raise awareness of the ‘severe’ and ‘painful’ reaction that lash glue can cause.

Jessica Shannon, 25, of Wetherby, West Yorkshire, said an allergic reaction to her Russian lashes left her unable to see after her eyes swelled shut (pictured before) 

Jessica said: ‘I’d gone out for a night out for my birthday and my left eye had gone a little bloodshot but it wasn’t sore or itchy.

‘I got home and went to bed and the following morning I woke up and looked like I’d done ten rounds with Mike Tyson.

‘They were really sore and itchy which made me get up out of bed to look in the mirror and my eyes were just extremely swollen. It was painful.

‘From then they were streaming with water and just dead itchy. It ruined my birthday.

The former carer to the elderly revealed her eyes began to swell the day after her birthday celebrations, and slowly grew worse, left. She cried with relief when they were finally taken out, right 

Corneal abrasion: A tiny scratch that can cause a lot of pain  

A corneal abrasion is a tiny scratch that occurs on the surface of the eye. 

The cornea has many nerve endings and the tiniest of scratches can be extremely painful. 

There are various causes, including something hitting or poking the eye, such as fingernails, hairbrushes, twigs or mascara brushes. 

It can also occur when someone wear their contact lenses for longer than recommended.    

The condition is painful and often translates into red, watery eyes. 

Treatment depends on how large the abrasion is, and how deep it is. 

Antibiotic ointments and eye-drops are among the most common forms of treatment.

Source: NHS 

‘Over the next few days because they were so sticky they’d stuck shut, so I’d wake up in the morning and my eyes would be completely stuck together.’

The beauty lover said she’d have to bathe them in order for them to open slightly but despite doing this she still ‘couldn’t see a thing’.

She initially visited a pharmacist who provided her with some eye drops and antihistamines.

Jessica said: ‘Over the next few days they got really quite severe. I got to a point where I literally couldn’t see anything whatsoever.

‘They were both shut together and my eyes had gone really blurry. The only way I could explain it as like there was a film over my eyes. It was scary.

‘They were both bad, but my left eye in particular was a lot worse. It was so swollen that I couldn’t open it at all.

‘The thing that was going through my mind most was because of the fact I couldn’t see, I was worried that I’d done sort of damage to my actual eyesight. 

‘Which was one of the main reasons as well as the pain that prompted me to go to A&E just to double-check I wasn’t going to end up with permanent damage to my actual eyes.

‘They said themselves that it was pretty nasty and I got given an antibiotic eye ointment and had a couple of cornea abrasions from where I’d been rubbing my eyes, I think I’d scratched my eyeballs.’

The 25-year-old said the lashes looked stunning when she got them applied, pictured, but then developed a severe reaction to them 

Jessica was left unable to see for several days, and had to sport an eye-patch while her cornea recovered from the reaction, pictured 

The 25-year-old explained her eyes looked ‘bloodshot’ the day after her birthday celebrations, and her right eye began to swell, pictured 

After a night of partying, Jessica noticed her eyes were getting increasingly red, and started to itch, pictured 

Jessica said she looked like she had just been beaten up by Myke Tyson when she woke up to two very swollen and painful eyes the day after her birthday, pictured 

Jessica was given antibiotic eye ointment from the doctor and told to continue using the medicine she’d picked up from the pharmacy.

Jessica said: ‘Before they started getting really really bad I wanted to try and push past the pain to keep them on because I like my lashes done and hope that they’d settle down.

‘I spent most of my time in bed. If I was to go out anywhere I had my sunglasses on and had an eyepatch on my left eye, and if I was out and about anywhere they [people she was with] were linking my arm and making sure I wasn’t walking into anything.

The 25-year-old rushed herself to A&E, where she was told she had corneal abrasion, pictured. She had no choice but to have her lashes removed 

Jessica admitted that having the lashes removed was a painful experience because her tears had ‘clumped’ them together, pictured 

‘It took her a good hour and a half to get them off because my eyes were watering constantly it had made the eyelashes rock hard and they’d clumped together.

‘She had to go through every individual lash to separate them in order to remove the glue to get them off.

‘It was a relief when they were completely off but when she was doing it it was really quite painful because my eyes were so watery that made the glue go extremely hard on my lashes.

‘I was lying there crying like a big baby.’

Before the reaction, left, the former carer was happy with her lashes. But they soon started to itch and hurt, right 

The 25-year-old said she paid £45 for the synthetic lashes but had them removed free of charge.

She said she’d had them done once before but because they weren’t fitted correctly and were stuck halfway down her actual eyelashes. She had a slight reaction but it was ‘absolutely nothing’ compared to her recent ordeal.

Jessica said: ‘The top of my eyelids are really dry and still very itchy but aside from that my sight has come back and I can open my eyes fully now. So they’re a lot better than they were.

‘They looked absolutely stunning when I first had them done.

‘I’d love to get my lashes done again but I don’t know whether or not that’s possible.

‘Some people I’ve heard that have had a reaction to glue in the past and a few months down the line they’re able to wear lashes without any problems but other people it’s kind of a long time thing and it’s just not possible for them to wear extensions.’ 

Pictured; Jessica before her nightmare experience with lash extensions. She now wants to raise awareness on the dangers of developing allergic reactions 

Pictured: Jessica, with her new lashes, on the eve of her birthday celebrations, before her reaction started 

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary when Jessica had the extension applied before her birthday, pictured 

Jessica woke up with bloodshot eyes the day after her birthday party and could tell something was wrong right away

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