Woman takes lingerie snaps seconds apart to show it’s natural for body to change

A woman has flaunted her natural tummy while modelling slinky undies in a bid to show women: "Your body is here to function, not live up to beauty standards".

Online fitness coach Emma Apell often shares body positive content and fitness advice to her over 52,000 Instagram followers.

In a bid to show women how even gym bunnies can have lumps and bumps, she's posted some snaps of herself wearing slinky black underwear revealing her natural tummy.

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While some of the pictures show Emma posing to reveal her lean bod, others show her relaxing in the same black underwear to highlight that our bodies can look different at alternating angles.

She posted the snaps in attempt to highlight the message that we need to look after our bodies, while not being obsessed with how they look or what "flaws" they embody.

Emma said people need to focus on the simple things in life that make us tick, as being able to enjoy, see and experience life should be enough to make us happy.

Writing on Instagram, Emma said: "You have got lungs that makes you breath and keeps you alive.

"Legs to be able to run and dance. Arms to carry things and hug the people you love.

"A stomach to protect you and keep you alive. A nose to smell the sense of the summery air.

"Eyes to see the beauty in this world. Your body makes you do all those things, it makes you LIVE.

"Why isn’t that enough? Why isn’t that a big enough reason to respect it and take care of it?

"Something to reflect on and think about. Something I have been thinking about more and more recently as well.

"To accept myself just as I am."

She continued: "Your body is here to function, not live up to beauty standards.

"So be kind to yourself and do not take the function of your body for granted.

"We are all beautiful and unique as we are. And we need to be more grateful for our body and focus more on what really matters in life.

"As humans we tend to take things for granted until we lose it. I don’t want you to do that.

"I want you to be grateful TODAY, appreciate your body TODAY.

"And take care of your body so that you can live a long, happy and healthy life."

Since posting the snaps many people have praised Emma for her positive words.

The candid photographs have been liked several times, and people have said the influencer looks "beautiful".

One person said: "I love this. So beautiful – just like you."

A second commented: "You are real, you are super authentic. You are you."

A third added: "You look fantastic. Strong and healthy. Also happy. Inspirational."


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