Woman transforms oven from grubby to sparkling with £1.99 window scraper

Cleaning the oven is never a fun task but one woman has come up with a way to make it a little easier.

The woman shared pictures showing how she got the grease off the door in just five minutes, with very little effort.

She bought the scraper for on eBay for £3.95 and then got to work.

Posting in the Hinch Army Cleaning Tips Facebook group, she wrote: ‘*Warning* disgusting oven alert!!!

‘I never get round to cleaning it because life’s just to busy but I got a Glass scraper from eBay and WOW !!!! 5 mins later I have a clean door!’

‘Used the scraper then pink stuff and a metal scrubber for the last few marks! No back ache from scrubbing it all day either £3.95 well spent if you ask me!’

People in the group were impressed with the trick but others pointed out that the scraper is even cheaper on Amazon. There, you can pick one up for £1.99.

The scraper is usually used for removing paint or stickers from window frames but the sharp blade means it works on the grease too.

Of course, the blade is sharp so you need to be careful and replace the cover when not in use.

One person commented: ‘I’ve just ordered one from Amazon. Thanks for the tip.’

Another added: ‘I would be lost without my scraper.’

‘This is literally the best tip I’ve read on here and will be doing this from now on,’ someone else said.

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