Women on dating apps only want me as their sugar daddy because I'm rich

DEAR DEIDRE: IT’S impossible to find a woman that doesn’t just want me for my money.

I am a single man of 48 and a few years ago I joined dating apps. But from the start, it seemed women were only keen if cash or expensive gifts were on offer.

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I have had loads of messages from girls in their 20s and 30s asking if I want to be their “sugar daddy”.

But even the more age-appropriate women, in their 40s and 50s, want to know how often they will be treated to lavish weekends away.

No one seems interested in getting to know me – just what’s in my wallet.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Dating apps can be a great way to meet people that you wouldn’t normally.

But the difficult part is finding people who have the same intentions as you.

If you want to continue with the apps, ensure your profile gives the right impression. For example, pictures of flash cars may make people believe you are money-oriented and have a lot of disposable income.

The best relationships tend to stem from initial friendships, so join local clubs and events where you might meet people your age.

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