Workers can get 45 days off next year using just 18 days of annual leave

Everyone loves making the most of their annual leave from their job to take a holiday or just relax.

And now it's been worked out that employees can get a whopping 45 days off next year by only using 18 days of their annual leave allowance.

Next year, Good Friday is on 15 April while Easter Monday is on 18 April.

This means that if your workplace is closed on weekends and bank holidays, you could possibly get 10 days off work by just using four days of your allocated annual leave.

If you're wondering how, then we'll tell you.

Those who book off April 19, 20, 21 and 22, also get off Friday April 15 (Bank holiday), Saturday April 16 (Weekend), Sunday April 17 (Weekend), Monday April 18 (Bank holiday), Saturday April 23 (Weekend) and Sunday April 24 (Weekend).

There is also the May bank holiday on May 2, which means more holidays.

If you book of May 4-6, you'll also get off Saturday April 30 (Weekend), Sunday May 1 (Weekend), Monday May 2 (Bank holiday), Saturday May 7 (Weekend) And Sunday May 8 (Weekend) – so another nine days!

There's more though…

You can also get a week off from Monday May 30 – Sunday June 5 if you book off May 30 – June 1 as annual leave (just three days).

While in August, you can get nine days off from August 27 – September 4 if you book four days off from August 30 – September 2.

Lastly, there's Christmas. You can get a whopping ten days off from December 24 to January 2 if you book off three days from December 28 – December 30.

We feel like 2022 could be the best year yet!

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