Are these the worst dates ever?

Maybe romance IS dead: People recall their worst first dates in hilarious online thread – from crying over an ex to being asked for help with a TAX return

  • People shared their worst dating experiences in an anonymous Reddit thread 
  • Many revealed how they had struggled to make conversation with a blind date 
  • One singleton was ditched by his date for another man midway through the date

First dates can be romantic whirlwinds filled with candlelit conversations, nervous first kisses and butterflies in the stomach. 

But these Reddit posts show they can also be excruciatingly awkward evenings that can’t end quickly enough.

People from around the world took to the online forum to share stories of their worst first dates ever – and they’re sure to leave you reeling.

People from around the world shared their worst first date experiences in a Reddit thread

One person described how their date turned up and suggested breaking the ice by completing a tax return form together.

Another told how he was set up on a blind date by a friend, only to discover the woman he was meeting was already in a relationship. 

‘A friend set me up with a girl he knew,’ he wrote. ‘She was cute, funny, smart, everything you hope for in a blind first date. After spending a good part of the day with her, we end up at this frozen yogurt spot.

‘We talk for a bit and she mentions how much fun she had today. Then she says how much her boyfriend would like this spot and that we should all hang out next week. Never asked that friend to set me up ever again.’ 

Many people shared how the person they met online turnout to be different in person 

Another unlucky-in-love poster told how he was left on his own after his blind date ditched him for someone else halfway through the evening.    

Others shared how they had struggled to make conversation with their date.

One person said: ‘Went to watch Doctor Strange with my crush, I was excited. Went there, didn’t even order popcorn. 

‘Whole movie she played with her phone and didn’t know what to talk about even when I tried to come up with topics. Watched whole movie in silence, it was awkward and my crush on her diminished.’ 

Some people struggled to break the ice as they struggled to make conversation on their date

Another compared their first date in a coffee shop to a job interview as the conversation seemed rehearsed.

She wrote: ‘Literally we sat across from each other at a table at a coffee shop. He did not order a drink, and he fired questions at me like it was a job interview. Then he ended the date after a half hour. But he texted me later wanting to see me again. I guess I made it to the second round of interviewing?’ 

Others were put off by their date’s apparent lack of self-awareness.  

‘The guy spent the entire time talking about himself and his accomplishments and never asked me a single question about myself,’ one woman wrote.

‘We finished our meal and I said that I had to go home. When I got home, he texted to see if I wanted to go out again. I declined. He then continued to text me long strings of insults because I didn’t love him.’

Many people revealed how the person they dated had come across as self-obsessed

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