Your £650 cost of living payment may be delayed owing to these four reasons

Millions of the most vulnerable in society will receive the first part of their £650 cost of living payment this week. As the deadline for claimants to be paid was July 31, but despite the deadline having passed, some people are yet to receive the money.

The cost of living packages are part of a raft of measures unveiled by former chancellor Rishi Sunak. The targeted support was considered to help those struggling with soaring fuel, food and energy prices.

Automatic payments are set to be made directly into the bank accounts of claimants who are in receipt of benefits. Over 8 million people are set to benefit from this £650 cost of living package, however they may not see money in their account this week.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is facing delays. If you haven’t received the first instalment of your cost of living payment yet, get in touch with DWP now. There are four main reasons for a delay in your cost of living payment, here they are:

Your benefit hasn't been approved yet

To qualify for the £650 cost of living payment, a claimant must be receiving any of the following:

  • Universal Credit
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA)
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Income Support
  • Pension Credit
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Working Tax Credit

If you have received any of these or registered a successful claim by 25 May, you will get your first instalment. However, if you did this but are yet to see the cost of living money in your account, you may be facing a delay. Here is a tweet from DWP giving more information about the dates when claimants can expect to receive money.

Log into your account and check for updates on the status of your benefit claim. Once you have confirmation of approval, contact DWP and ask for a date of when you can expect to get funds into your account.

If you are claiming tax credit…

There are approximately 1.5million people currently claiming tax credits, who have not been given a date of when to expect funds in their account.

People claiming tax credits have been informed to expect the first instalment of their cost of living package in the autumn.

The second instalment is due to be paid to tax credit claimants in the winter. There is a way a tax credit claimant could receive help earlier – if they are in receipt of other benefits that make them eligible for the cost of living payment.

Double-check which benefits you are in receipt of and if you can get your cost of living payment earlier.

Change of bank account

If you have changed your bank account after making the claim, then this may be a reason for delay in payment. If you haven’t done so already, inform DWP of your new bank account details.

If you don’t, this could mean the cost of living payment is made into your old account. This could lead to funds being rejected and further delays as DWP confirms and clarifies new bank information.

If there is any change in information or personal circumstances, such as new name or marriage, inform DWP straight away. Getting ahead of any potential delays and being proactive and forthcoming with information means there is a higher chance of you receiving your cost of living payments on time.

Complex claim marked by DWP

If you haven’t received money in your account, this may be down to the DWP marking your account as a complex claim. Little is known about the details of what exactly constitutes a complex claim, which the DWP says affects a “small number of cases.”

Following non-payment of your cost of living money, get in touch with DWP and firstly clarify the reasoning behind the delay. If you are told that yours is actually an account affected by a complex claim, get as much information as you can to rectify the situation.

If you get any issue sorted now, then you may eliminate future delay with your second cost of living payment. For more information about the cost of living payments, visit the DWP website.


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