Your horoscope with Lilith

This week's sun in Gemini escalates the rate of communications – and with Venus settling into Cancer's home kitchen, particularly those with nearest and dearest.

ARIES: Plenty of discussion, disagreement and disorder in this week's court. If you're impatient or irritated (and you may be) withdraw from volatile situations till you've achieved some degree of control. Healing Chiron is in your sign to assist with the mastery of moods, and Venus to soften hard feelings in frayed friendships.

Sagittarians, if others seem stand-offish or unco-operative, don’t take that personally.

TAURUS: Uranus taking up residence in your sign means getting comfortable with waves of change – though this week's surprises are more likely to be the delightful kind shared with kith and kin. Mercury in Taurus corner has you particularly persuasive at interesting and engaging others with your ideas, especially the more progressive ones.

GEMINI: As Venus leaves your sign, the sun arrives to shine on your month, filling it with lively interactions and playful repartee. Happy birthday Twins, with the gift of this message: Don't wait for life to get easier, simpler, better or less crazy – enjoy it now, with all its complications, whatever's happening.

CANCER: Venus sashaying into your sentimental sign gives Cancerian charm levels and popularity ratings a significant lift, so get ready for plenty of extra attention, invites and proposals. With emotions still quite volatile and unpredictable, keep in mind that feelings are like waves: you can't stop them coming, but you can choose which ones to surf.

LEO: With this week activating a mad mix of motivation and forceful emotions, it pays to protect your reputation. By staying patient and resisting the temptation to engage with the drama hook, you'll be doing your part in stopping minor problems from inflating to major standoffs. Friends are, as always, your best resource and support.

VIRGO: This week change-making Uranus updates your mindset by challenging long standing beliefs, while Geminian influences bring an influx of new people, unusual happenings, even a walk along the road less travelled, should you choose it. Your immediate, intuitive assessment of things will be on the money in more ways than several.

LIBRA: Your leading planet Venus arriving in the sign of home and family suggests the blessings of cosy comforts with loved ones, accompanied by all the usual domestic bickering and backchat. Despite which, there's no place like it during the widespread tsunami of changes currently under way. Best times? During late-week Libra moon.

SCORPIO: While it might feel like you're dealing with flux, dark moods and delays, the decisions you make this week will have long-term viability and staying power, so choose wisely. You may have to break away from old ways of operating. Imaginative solutions are favoured, particularly when others aren't in agreement with your views.

SAGITTARIUS: Like you, Gemini sun loves a chat. It also highlights partnerships, though if others seem stand-offish or unco-operative, don't take that personally. Concerned inquiries, kindness, courtesy and offers of help are all likely to melt their reserve. If Uranus stimulates a sudden change in location or profession or relationship, well: isn't adventure your speciality?

CAPRICORN: With Venus moving into Cancer, home's where the heart is, and this week yields unexpected benefits from treating everything and everyone like family: including its rattier, battier members. Mercury's in your pleasure zone, so make light-hearted and genial your operating mode – though you might have to surrender to the universe's sometimes surprising timing.

AQUARIUS: Geminian airiness lightens this week's materially-oriented vibe, and while sudden, unexpected turnarounds can be upsetting, they can also be viewed as opportunities for a radical restart. Mars in your sign assists this optimistic perspective, along with the impetus to motor through changing conditions to new solutions.

PISCES: Venus in caring water sign Cancer puts home and family front and centre on this week's agenda, with domestic discussions taking precedence. Others will appreciate hearing your feelings – and airing theirs. If more general interactions start getting too needy or demanding, you might want to have an exit strategy in place.

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