Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend

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Your Sexoscope for the week of April 19–April 25:


This is your weekend to get lucky! Venus, planet of love, beauty, and pleasure slides into your sign on Saturday, and all weekend long, the sexual Scorpio moon is shining its light on your sex life. Aries season may be over, but hot, new action in your love life is just beginning!

The Scorpio moon turns up the heat in the bedroom, and the intimate vibes last all weekend long—perfect for deep connections with your boo. Venus enters your sign on Saturday, warming up your love and sex life even more! If you’re looking to take your situationship more seriously, there’s no better time than now—the planet of love is in your sign, and commitment-loving Taurus season is starting, too!

Scorpio moons like the one this weekend are great for your love life. Scorpio is the sign of intimacy—physical and emotional—so you’re definitely having a stellar time in bed with your partner. Venus enters your sign on Saturday, which bodes even better for your love life, marking the start of three weeks of feeling and looking hotter than ever!


Happy birthday! Taurus season starts on Saturday, and with the sensual Scorpio moon shining on you all weekend, it’s the perfect astrology to head out and find a birthday hookup! However, if you’re looking for something serious, you’re barking up the wrong tree—Venus entering Aries on Saturday slows down any new advances in your love life for a few weeks.

If you’re hooking up but haven’t DTR yet:

The Scorpio moon all weekend long is inspiring you to spend one-on-one time with your boo, but Venus moving into Aries on Saturday cuts those plans short. Don’t expect any real development in your love life for the next few weeks—you’re the master of taking things slow, but Venus in Aries wants you to reconsider one last time before choosing to take your situationship to the next level or not.

It’s finally Taurus season as of this Saturday, which means you can spend this weekend having killer birthday sex! The sensual moon in Scorpio provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic evening with your partner. Your love life slows down for the next few weeks, thanks to Venus moving into Aries. This isn’t bad—you and your partner are just more private, and most of the action between you two goes on behind closed doors now.


Venus moving into Aries this weekend means you’re making tons of new connections and expanding your network now, especially with social media (including dating apps). First dates and hookups may have to wait for now, since Taurus season is typically a more lonesome time of year for you, but you’re still having fun with all of your new matches!

Can’t decide what to do with this flirtationship? Taurus season starting this weekend aims to give you the space and time necessary to think it all through and decide where you want to take it in a few weeks. Meanwhile, Mercury and Venus in Aries are keeping you entertained by focusing on your friendships while your romantic relationships take the backseat for now.

The saying “variety is the spice of life” is especially true for you, Gemini! Even locked in a committed relationship, you can’t help but window shop from time to time, and Venus in Aries really has your eyes peeled for something fresh and exciting! If your partner’s cool with it, why not suggest adding a third person to the mix? If not, you can still use Venus in Aries’ bright energy to come up with kinky new positions or toys (or both!) to try!


You’re feeling great all weekend, thanks to the Scorpio moon cranking up your energy levels and libido, and Taurus season is putting you in a pleasantly social mood, so going out at some point is a given! Venus enters Aries on Saturday, which provides just the right amount of confidence you need to get out of your shell and get a hottie’s number this weekend.

The lusty Scorpio moon has you in the mood all weekend long it seems, and it looks likes a busy couple days in the bedroom! Venus enters fiery Aries on Saturday and your little crush becomes a burning desire! You’re more forward and determined to get what you want out of your love life now. The ball’s in your court—you can use this energy to steer your situationship towards the relationship status you want!

You and your partner have traveled a long way together in your relationship so far—what’s next? Taurus season starts on Saturday, at the same time Venus enters Aries. Both of these transits turn your attention towards the future and your goals. Thinking about moving in together? What about marriage? Use excited Venus in Aries to pop the question and practical Taurus season to plan how to make it happen.


This weekend finds you feeling rather introverted, so Friday night looks quiet. Saturday is a much different story, though—Taurus season begins, and more importantly, Venus enters Aries! This speeds your life up but primarily shifts your focus to your job. Don’t worry—it also brings the potential to travel or take a class for work that leads you straight to your next big crush!

Venus moves out of the depths of watery Pisces and moves into bright, fiery Aries on Saturday. You’re not drowning in feels as much anymore, and you’re stressing way less about your situationship so you can make up your mind about what you want out of it. It’s up to you: Goal-oriented Taurus season can help you settle into a solid relationship if you want, and independent Venus in Aries is fine with you going your own way!

Friday night has you in a Netflix and chill kind of mood, so expect to stay in and snuggle instead of going out. Taurus season starting on Saturday is applying more pressure at work, but luckily, Venus in Aries counteracts that and helps you keep stress levels low by trying new things with your partner in bed.


This weekend’s sexy Scorpio moon finds you feeling eager to form connections (in or out of bed) with new people, so Friday is great for finding a one night stand! If you wait until Saturday, however, you run the risk of catching major feelings for your next fling. That’s because Venus enters Aries on Saturday, igniting a fire in your chart’s zone of sex and intimacy. Any hookups for the next few weeks come with strings attached!

Things appear to be going well with your situationship, but if you want something more real, you’re in luck! This weekend, Venus enters passionate Aries, lighting a fire in your chart’s zone of intimacy. This energy helps you commit wholeheartedly to your partner and honor the intensity of your feels, plus it makes for way more action in your sex life!

Venus in romantic Pisces was like a fairytale and was nice for a spell, but aren’t you ready for something more hot and exciting? Venus moves into fire sign Aries on Saturday, activating your chart’s sector of sex. This energy helps you to discover new ways experience intimacy with your partner for three passion-filled weeks!


A recent trend for Libras has been a stressful work life, but this theme finally ends as Venus enters Aries this weekend! Instead of worrying about pleasing coworkers, you can focus on more fun relationships, aka your latest Tinder matches. Feel free to flirt, play games, and tease whoever you want—Venus in Aries is all about you having a good time!

Good news, Libra! Venus, your sign’s fav planet, enters Aries this weekend. What this means for you is you can focus on your important one-on-one relationships (like the current sorta-one you have going on) and lead them to grow and develop into something more serious and strong.

The next few weeks have a generally positive outlook for your love life! On Saturday, Venus moves into Aries and Taurus season begins. This means you’re able to explore both the emotional and physical sides of your relationship and discover new ways of experiencing intimacy with your partner. Astrologically speaking, your relationships have been struggling big time recently, so take advantage of this lovely energy as much as you can!


Venus moves out of your fellow water sign Pisces this weekend and enters burning hot Aries, bringing an end to Venus in Pisces blessings in your love life. Romance and sex may start declining this weekend, but that just means it’s a great time to better learn the ins and outs of your own body. You might surprise yourself with how much pleasure you can get out of just by playing around on your own!

On Saturday, Venus moves into Aries and Taurus season officially starts. If you already have an established flirtationship going on, you can take advantage of these transits to work on leveling up your relationship! Make a point of hitting them up, seeing them, and integrating them into your daily routine. Before you know it, they’ll be around more often than not!

Taurus season begins on Saturday! For your sign, this is the best month out of the year to work on relationships. If things with you and your partner are tense, use levelheaded Taurus’ energy to find a solution. If things are going well, great! Taurus is just as sensual a sign as you, so regardless of anything, you can count on having better sex this month.


All of the watery Pisces energy dragging your horoscope down lately is finally gone! Venus moves into Aries this weekend, and you can feel the love in the air! This energy is great for attracting romance, and the confident, high-energy attitude it provides also boosts your libido so you can perform at the top of your game with your next hookup!

Taurus season starts on Saturday, around the same time Venus enters Aries. It’s a tough combo; the Taurus energy needs to feel productive and you’re clocking in more at work, but the Aries vibes have you feeling frisky and ready to pounce on your boo whenever you see them! Life feels too busy for a relationship ATM, but if you use Taurus season’s energy to organize your day-to-day routine, there’s plenty of room for love in your schedule!

Venus enters Aries on Saturday! In another fire sign, Venus’ energy creates harmony in your love life by generating more romantic feelings and horning you up just a little bit to encourage more fun in bed. Taurus season starts Saturday, too, and promises to be busy this year, so use Venus in Aries’ vibes to de-stress in the bedroom when work gets too crazy!


This weekend’s Scorpio moon finds you in the mood to step out for a bit! Going out on Friday night leads to making new connections and having a great time until the wee hours of the morning. Heading home with a hot hookup can mean an especially pleasant post-sex afterglow that lasts all weekend, since sensual Taurus season starts on Saturday!

For your sign, Taurus season is the most romantic and fun time of year, so your flirtationship should speed up soon, right? Well, Venus enters Aries on Saturday too, which actually pulls the brakes on the action in your love life. You’re still having fun with your crush, but having difficulty opening up to them and letting a relationship develop. Your sign is bad about putting up so many walls, and this week asks you to consider why you won’t let them down for someone special!

You’re loving being a homebody lately! This weekend’s transits make life at home even more fun for you. Venus moves into Aries on Saturday, bringing all of its lovely positive energy into your home life, and Taurus season starts at the same time, bringing its earthy, sensual vibes into your love an sex life! If you’re living with your partner, this is the best astrology you could ask for. If not—maybe now’s the time to make that move!


With Taurus season starting this Saturday, you’re feeling like settling down this weekend. That is, until Venus moves into Aries just a few hours later, inspiring you to go out and meet new potential lovers—or at least re-download all of your dating apps. Venus in Aries is great for making new connections and experimenting with new types. You’re an air sign and expert communicator, so finding these new contacts will be a breeze!

You may be an easygoing fixed sign, but nobody does “low-key” like Taurus does, so you’re feeling extra chill once Taurus season starts this Saturday! At the same time, Venus enters Aries, picking up the pace in your love life. You’re hitting up your boo all the time now and want nothing more than to just settle down and stop asking yourself “what are we?” But how? Try being less passive, and channel Aries’ cardinal energy instead—just ask!

Taurus season finally arrives on Saturday! Sleep in, snuggle with your partner, and relax! Morning sex isn’t a bad idea, either, since Taurus is the most sensual sign and all! Venus flies into Aries around the same time, filling your head with a dazzling display of romantic (and sexy!) ideas. You’re feeling more playful and creative with your love life, and Taurus season pulls your focus to home life, so an at-home date night with your partner is an especially good idea this week!


Friday night’s all yours, Pisces! It’s the last night of the year Venus is in your sign, so make the most of it and chase some tail! By the time you’re up on Saturday, the mood has changed. Taurus season starts on Saturday, and Venus moves into Aries at the same time, downsizing your love life in order to make room for work—ugh.

Venus moves into Aries on Saturday, at the same time as Taurus season begins. For you, this means it’s a great time to get serious about your flirtationship. If you’re crushing hard and want to take things to the next level, channel Aries’ direct, forward energy and bring it up! Practical, grounded Taurus’ vibes help you figure out the best way to approach the situation and get the answer you want.

What are you doing to spice up your sex life this weekend? Venus leaves your sign and flies into Aries on Saturday, activating your charts pleasure/desire zone. At the same time, the Sun enters Taurus, the most sensual sign, and on top of that, there’s a sexual Scorpio moon all weekend long! Life’s about to get more serious and shift your focus towards work as Taurus season drags on, so make the most of the especially erotic astrology this weekend!

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