YouTubers Diss Laura Lee, Beauty Guru Feuds, Shade

After a month of social media silence, Laura Lee has returned to YouTube. The beauty guru had a major fall from grace back in August when her old racist tweets were exposed, and everyone decided she was #canceled — even her brand sponsors!

After Laura’s infamous apology video, other YouTubers haven’t been able to resist poking fun at her theatrics. We all know Jeffree Star isn’t a fan of the southern belle, but you might be surprised at who else threw some shade her way! Click through the slideshow to see which YouTubers dissed Laura Lee.

Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star was one of the first people to diss Laura, and it was quite a shock to fans. While people on Twitter were trying to figure out if he was throwing shade at Manny MUA, the beauty guru chimed in to say he wasn’t referring to him. But he did have a thing or two to say about Laura!

Jeffree tweeted that fans “know nothing about her personally” and that “her soul is pure evil.” Well, he didn’t mince words!

He hasn’t said much about Laura since then, but after her scandal, he did get on Snapchat to say that “karma has done its due diligence.”

“Some people tried to bully me, and they really ended up ending themselves,” he said.

James Charles

James Charles decided to play a game of “Messy Makeup Trivia” with Gabriel Zamora and Nikita Dragun on his channel, and things got, well, messy!

When asked to name three beauty guru scandals, James buzzed in first and blurted out, “Kathleen LightsJaclyn Hill Snapchat situation, James Charles flashback Mary, Laura Lee racism.” Gabriel’s jaw dropped immediately, and Nikita’s eyes widened in shock at James’ answer. The beauty guru covered his mouth with his hands as all three started laughing. “She just said she’s gonna keep it a hundred!” Gabriel quipped.

Jackie Aina

Instagram user @trendmood1 is the beauty community’s number-one source for makeup news and product launches. The account is known for leaking stuff before companies make any formal announcements, and that’s exactly what happened with Laura’s collection.

When @trendmood1 posted about her new eyeshadow palette, fans were angry that Laura didn’t get to announce it herself. But Jackie Aina wasn’t so sympathetic. She tweeted, “Not saying anyone deserves this but she is high key known for spilling EVERYONE’s business, regardless of whether or not it’s actually true. Maybe when she works on that, others will extend the same courtesy to her… don’t let that ‘southern charm’ fool y’all.”

The beauty guru further shaded Laura with another tweet. She wrote, “There should be room for everyone in this industry but sadly there isn’t. There are some not so nice people taking up all the opportunities that should be going to the really genuine ones, and honestly after a while it gets tiring to see.”

Yikes! She seems to know a lot more about Laura than the fans do, and now it’s slowly being exposed.

Shane Dawson

If you’ve been keeping up with Shane Dawson, you know that he’s been exploring the mind of Jake Paul in a new video series. The YouTuber sat down with a psychologist to talk about sociopathic behavior in an attempt to determine whether Jake himself was a sociopath, but he ended up shading a lot of other YouTubers in the process, including Laura.

Shane asked the psychologist, “When a sociopath cries, do other people not feel anything?” Sociopaths often imitate emotions rather than actually feel them, so the psychologist said, “If they’re not very good at it, they won’t elicit the right response out of you.” Immediately after she said that, a clip of Laura “crying” came up on screen. Shane added the disclaimer that the clips were “just for context,” but we can all see the shade!

Trisha Paytas

After Laura posted her tear-filled apology video, Trisha Paytas took it upon herself to post a response titled “LAURA LEE’S BULLSH*T APOLOGY.” In it, she ranted about Laura’s “fake” apology and how “disgusting” she was.

“Her original excuse was, ‘I wish I knew six years ago what I know now.’ Girl, how old are you? We the same age, boo! You said it, own it. Apologize,” she said.

Chris Klemens

Chris Klemens knows how to turn any situation into a hilarious video. His “interviewing strangers on the street” series always makes for a good laugh, especially his most recent one about Laura Lee.

The YouTuber took to the streets of LA to have strangers watch Laura’s apology video, and the reactions were priceless. Most people laughed, and no one actually believed she was being sincere. Chris knew it was shady, but he gave zero f*cks.

“This might be a little shady,” he said. “I don’t care. This video is truly funny to me… Just don’t say the N-word. Like, super easy.”

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