Zendaya’s Shoes Go Missing Before Launch Party: ‘David Tutera’s Celebrations’ Preview

With less than an hour before Zendaya’s shoe launch party, David Tutera and his crew realize that her shoes are MISSING! Watch this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of the May 4 episode of ‘David Tutera’s Celebrations!’

It’s a shoe-mergency! When you have only 45 minutes until Zendaya’s shoe line event, you’d think the shoes would be set and ready to go. In this EXCLUSIVE clip of David Tutera’s CELEBrations, the stress level reaches an all-time high when no one can find Zendaya’s shoes! Slomique says the shoes were delivered, but they are nowhere to be found. You can’t have a shoe party without shoes!

“We are minutes away from this party beginning,” David Tutera says in the preview. “Can I just refresh everyone’s memory? It’s a shoe launch party, and Slomique can’t find the shoes! It’s crazy!” Needless to say, David is all kinds of pissed. Suddenly, Ryan shows up to save the day with the shoes! Slomique side-eyes the heck out of him.

“Are you kidding me?” Slomique says. “I looked everywhere for those shoes, and Ryan just shows up like they were in his back pocket? What the f**k?” Ryan got the last laugh, though. “Seeing the look on Slomique’s face was priceless,” he says with a huge grin on his face.

In the episode, Zendaya asks David to throw a sophisticated launch party for her new shoe collection! But things take a turn for the worse when David clashes with her diva business partner and Ryan struggles to find a venue. David Tutera’s CELEBrations airs Fridays 10 p.m. on WE tv

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