15 Actors Who Immediately Regretted Their Role After Filming Finished

A lot of times, actors will try their hardest to get roles in movies, whether it’s for the pay check or for the pure passion of acting. However, when actors come into a movie, they rarely know how the role will actually turn out. They will be briefed on the script and may even be provided with a full script before accepting the role. They know who their co-stars will be and the director, but even with all this information, a lot of the time, it isn’t enough.

That’s why many actors have come out years later to speak of the regret they had for their roles in these classic movies. Of course, some actors regret taking on a bad movie but many may not know of these iconic actors regretting their award-winning roles.

Some reasons actors give for regretting their role is that the writing was bad or for the fact that the co-stars were impossible to work with. Some immediately regret the decision to star in a movie the second it’s put into post-production however, some realize their regret years later after watching the film several times. Whatever the case, here are 15 actors who wish they could take back their roles in these films.

15 Harrison Ford As Han Solo

Harrison Ford has seen his fair share of great roles through the years. However, some of his most popular include Han Solo from the Star Wars movies and Indiana Jones from the Indiana Jones franchise. What many don’t know is that Harrison Ford greatly regrets his role in playing Han Solo in the Star Wars films.

After two movies, Harrison Ford was done with the character and wanted to move on in his career. George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, wanted to kill off the character of Han Solo in the third film, Return of the Jedi, but kept him around because he was a fan favorite. Ford spoke about his time with the character and said that the three films were enough for him. However, in 2015, he would put the vest back on one last time and finally fulfill his wish of ending the character altogether.

14 Ben Affleck As Daredevil

When Ben Affleck decided to sign back up to be one of DC’s biggest superhero, Batman, many fans were reluctant because they remembered the disaster that was Daredevil. The fans weren’t the only ones who regret being involved with the movie as Ben Affleck saw the film as a commercial disaster. He states that it’s his only ever regret in his career.

Ben Affleck spoke to Playboy about the film and stated, “The only movie I actually regret is Daredevil. It just kills me, I love that story, that character, and the fact that it got messed up the way it did stays with me.” Nobody knows who’s fault it was that the film failed the way it did but it seems everyone goes home with a bit of blame. Ben Affleck still hasn’t redeemed himself in many people’s eyes by taking up the role of Batman and it seems he won’t have a chance to.

13 Daniel Craig Playing The Newest James Bond

James Bond is a monumental role to land and many would agree that Daniel Craig was the perfect fit for the series reboot. However, after four Bond movies, Daniel Craig seems to be worse for ware. After the fourth film was released, Daniel Craig made comments, stating that he would no longer reprise his role as James Bond. He made statements that suggested he’d rather take his own life than become Bond again.

However, in a recent interview with Stephen Colbert, Daniel Craig stated that he will indeed come back as James Bond for the final time. Given his previous statements, his regret for playing the role as bond obviously isn’t as big as his pay check. Daniel Craig says that directors have something great planned to send him out on confirming it is the last Bond movie Daniel Craig will star in.

12 Halle Berry As Catwoman

Not many people can say that they’ve won an award for worst performance, that is except for Halle Berry. In 2004, Halle Berry won the Razzie Award for Worst Actress through her role as Catwoman. She later recognized the performance to be one of her worst to date. Halle Berry happily accepted the award and placed blame on Warner Bros. “I want to thank Warner Bros. for casting me in this [awful] movie.”

Halle Berry has since not had any interest in doing any other superhero movies but still has interest in taking on bad movies. Since then, we’ve seen Anne Hathaway take on the role as Catwoman, which was another lackluster performance. Here’s to holding out for someone to truly capture the spirit of Selena Kyle.

11 Sean Connery As James Bond

Sean Connery may be best-known for his role as Bond but after starring in six movies, he wishes he wasn’t. Upon first getting the part in the film, he stated that he feels he should be paid more for playing the character of Bond. He felt this way for the first few movies. Around the fifth and six movies, however, he started to give his full salary away to charities. He was done with the character way before he stopped playing Bond.

Connery stated, “I have always [hated] James Bond,” Connery said. We think he is mostly joking, of course, but he doesn’t like to reminisce about the days of his Bond performances, even though many would still claim him to be the best James Bond. If there’s anything we learned from Sean Connery and Daniel Craig, it is that the role of James Bond can destroy someone if they stick with it too long.

10 The George Clooney Batman

Batman has always been a hard role to fill, similar to James Bond. The actor doesn’t only have to embody the Batman but also has to take on the role of Bruce Wayne, a billion dollar playboy. George Clooney sounds like he’d fit the bill as he seems like the real-life Bruce Wayne. However, he got the role at the wrong place and wrong time. The Schumaker era of Batman was a dark time.

Batman and Robin is the film in question. The director decided to take a more light-hearted comedic twist to the films after such a dark and twisted subject from when Tim Burton was directing them. However, the concept fell flat on its face and Clooney was to blame. George Clooney saw how awful the film was and made a public statement apologizing to fans for ruining the series and the character. He stated, “I think since Batman that I’ve been disinvited from Comic-Con for 20 years, I just met Adam West there, and I apologized to him. Sorry about the nipples on the suit. Freeze, freeze, I apologize for that.”

9 Shia Leboeuf In Indiana Jones

Shia Leboeuf has been known to be a controversial actor in Hollywood in recent years. To name one instance of insanity, he showed up to the red carpet wearing a paper bag that read “I am not famous anymore.” More recently, he made a YouTube video that was meant to be inspirational but quickly spiraled into internet meme-status. So when Shia talks, we listen, but we also take everything with a grain of salt.

When Shia was asked his opinions about the film, Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, he told interviewers that he dropped the ball with his character in the film. Not only did he blame himself, but he also blamed the directors for the movie becoming the weakest in the series. He spoke against Steven Speilberg’s directing and said, “The actor’s job is to make it come alive and make it work, and I couldn’t do it,” he said. “There was a reason Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull wasn’t universally accepted.”

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8 Katherine Heigl In Knocked Up

The raunchy comedy, Knocked Up, was one of the films that shot Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen into Hollywood stardom. However, looking back on the film, Katherine Heigl regrets ever taking the role in the first place. She’s had a few years to reflect on the film and her role in it. She states that the movie promotes a gender bias and even spoke that during the advertising for the film it promoted women in the not the best light. 

In an interview with Vanity Fair Heigl states, “It paints the women as shrews, as humorless and uptight, and it paints the men as lovable, goofy, fun-loving guys.” She says she likes the movie but doesn’t like her character. Not because she played it, but because of the way the role was written. She’d wished the character wasn’t written as stuck up and was more understanding.

7 Matt Damon As Jason Bourne

Matt Damon is known for many things and becoming Jason Bourne was one of those things. When Damon accepted the role, he didn’t really know where the role would take him and thought it to be a one-off hit. However, the success of the first film spawned a sequel, which quickly turned into a trilogy. It is the third film that Damon regrets the most.

Matt Damon’s biggest fear was the script. He read it and resented Universal for bringing the idea to him. Matt Damon even went as far to call the script, “unreadable,” at one point. He stated his fear that the film would be a career ender for him. It’s worth remembering that before acting, Matt Damon was a writer and a director, so he knows his way around a script.

6 Kate Winslet In Titanic

Titanic as a film is great and noone would argue that the acting in it isn’t stellar, that is except for Kate Winslet. When she looks back at her role in the film, she doesn’t necessarily regret taking the role but she does regret acting in it the way that she did. Everyone is their own worst critic and that can’t be truer for Kate Winslet. Her role was so big that it launched her into stardom along with Leonardo DiCaprio.

In an interview with CNN, Kate Winslet reveals just how she feels about watching her performance back all these years later. She says, “Every single scene, I’m like, ‘Really, really? You did it like that? Oh, my God.” She then proceeds to trash her American accent by saying she can’t stand to listen to it and calling it awful.

5 Carrie Fisher As Princess Leia

Carrie Fisher had a lot to say about her role as Princess Leia in Star Wars. Similar to Harrison Ford, nobody truly knew how big Star Wars was going to become and never anticipated the amount of stardom that would come from it. When Carrie Fisher would look back on her role as Princess Leia, she said she would have never taken the role if she knew how much fame she would get from it.

Although we all know that she returned twice more to the series to take on the role of an older Princess Leia, when Time interviewed her and asked her why she’d returned to the series after the remarks she made a few years back, she simply stated,  “it’s difficult to get work after 30 for women in Hollywood.” Now, she will forever be known as Princess Leia and will always bring peace to the galaxy, even if she regretted it.

4 Alec Guinness As Obi-Wan

Seeing a trend here? Who’s next? Mark Hamill regretting taking the role as Luke Skywalker? Alec Guinness is best-known for his role in the first Star Wars film, playing the older, Obi-Wan. His role in the film was important in continuing the plot forward and he gained a lot of attention, even though he was a side character. Alec Guinness said he would have never taken the role as Obi-Wan and almost didn’t until his pay was doubled.

He even made a statement afterward calling the film and it’s writing “fairy-tale rubbish.” Stories from the set would tell that Alec Guinness would constantly get the names of co-stars wrong, including his boss, George Lucas, and co-star, Harrison Ford. It’s no wonder that this version of Obi-Wan only lasted one film because it was likely he wouldn’t take a job in the sequels.

3 Marlon Brando Before He Made It Big

Most people know Marlon Brando because of his role as the Godfather in the Godfather. However, he made his start in Hollywood far before he’d have one of the most quotable phrases in movie history. In the 1951 black and white film called A Streetcar Named Desire, Marlon Brando played the main character in the film. Many say that this was the film that shot him into stardom.

When speaking to Time about the role, Brando said he detested the role and thought the character was poorly written. He says he hated that the character made him out to be an icon in the film industry and thought that the character indirectly portrayed him as a person.

2 Robert Pattinson Looks Back On Twilight

Twilight was one of the biggest romantic young adult films in the early 2000’s. It spawned several sequels and launched the young actors into stardom. Many of the actors involved in Twilight look back at it as a good stepping stone in their career, except for Robert Pattinson. Pattinson spoke of the character saying that he hated playing him. He stated, “The more I read the script, the more I hated this guy, so that’s how I played him, as a manic-depressive who hates himself.”

He also wasn’t a huge fan of the fangirls it spawned. He saw many of the fans becoming obsessed with the character he portrayed on the screen, which wasn’t him at all. What a disappointment it must have been meeting him in public and expecting his character. He stated that the screams of his fans were similar to the sounds you would hear coming from the gates of hell.

1 Christopher Plummer In The Sound Of Music

Christopher Plummer has been in the news recently for his role in the film, All the Money in the World, where he was tasked with reshooting all of Kevin Spacey’s scenes after controversy struck Spacey out of the role. However, many know Plummer from his earlier days of acting, specifically, from his role in The Sound Of Music.

The Sound of Music was one of the firsts of its kind of being an onscreen adaptation of a musical. For many, it was an introduction to the musical genre in film. However, one of the main stars in it, Christopher Plummer, thinks the film doesn’t stack up to the acclaimed reviews. In 2009, Plummer shared his thoughts publicly about the film. After years of mulling over it, Christopher Plummer said the film was awful and too sentimental even using the word “gooey.” He also stated that he couldn’t find any part of the film he liked, not even the parts he acted in!

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