20 Jurassic Park Tumblr Posts That Make Us Rethink Everything

The Jurassic Park film franchise has become one of the most successful series in all of Hollywood. The entire world is in love with these movies about dinosaur parks and what happens when all the dinosaurs manage to get out of their pens and go wild, attacking whatever remaining humans are on the island.

With such a large and dedicated fan base, thousands of people around the world have spent countless hours scouring every scene of the films, in hopes of finding obscure little details that most of us would have never even noticed. These unique hidden details can sometimes add an entire new layer to the movies, with some even forming a number of rather unsurprising connections between the various films.

Some even took the serious and tension filled dinosaur scenes and made some pretty solid gags out of them. While others simply took time to marvel at just how good the effects of these movies ended up being, and how good they still look, even when compared to modern-day films.

Despite what some people may have posted online, the fact remains that people are still obsessed with this movie a full twenty-five years after it first premiered all around the globe. Here are twenty of the very best Tumblr posts about Jurassic Park and all of the other movies that followed in the series.

20 The Power Of A Good Movie

Look, we all know that a good movie can really suck you in. And that’s why it’s usually not advisable to have movies on while you’re at work, as it’s just going to tempt you to watch it, instead of you know, actually doing work. And that fear must be doubled for people who work in places that often hang televisions in waiting rooms, especially if it’s a good movie that grabs your attention.

Take this girl, who recounts a time she went to the dentist with her mother. The two of them (along with the only other person in the room), ended up watching the entirety of Jurassic Park. Like, they skipped other commitments, threw off schedules, and generally just lost two hours of their lives to an unexpected viewing of Jurassic Park. Only for the movie to end and the other man to suddenly remember that he’s a dentist and should probably be tending to his patients.

Like, we get it, we totally get it. The first Jurassic Park is one of those movies that is almost impossible to turn off. But also, why did he even have it on in his office? That’s like trying to go on a diet, but having ice cream in the freezer as you just know that you’re going to break and eventually give in.

19 The Real T. Rex

One of the most impressive things about Jurassic Park is how the effects have aged incredibly well, especially given that almost twenty-five years years have past. Seriously though, movies made even decades later don’t age as well as this one did! And a lot of that comes from the effective melding of practical effects, impressive puppets, and stellar CGI.

There were entire sections of the film where the dinosaurs were represented by computer effects, but a lot of the closest shots of the creatures were done with lifelike puppets. They were so realistic looking, that the people making the movie, the actual people who knew it to be fake, were still being terrified of the dinosaur puppets.

Well, to be fair though, there was one aspect of the puppet that was truly scary. See, it turns out that the puppet would often malfunction, namely by walking on its’ own volition. So, as this post points out, people would be finishing up their work for the day and suddenly the robotic T. Rex would start advancing on them, and you know what, we would be pretty terrified by that too.

18 The Greatest Video Game Ever

We’ve gotten to the point in technology that video game developers can go absolutely crazy. It’s incredible what kind of experiences creative gamers can come up with now. With the rise of VR games and other experiences, players all around the world have gotten the chance to become all kinds of characters in countless worlds and scenarios. And this one post describes what could possible be one of our favorite ideas ever.

This proposed Jurassic Park video game has the potential to be one of the most engaging video game experiences ever made. The beginning of the game would see the players creating their own version of the Jurassic Park, like a theme park editor. It would be an entertaining little diversion to try and set up the park to be the best possible version that you can imagine. But, then the game takes a serious turn and becomes a first person game when the park security systems fail (of course they do), and now you have to escape the park you designed while being hunted by various kinds of dinosaurs, who all want to take a bite out of you. That sounds like an amazing game, especially if the creators got the official seal of approval.

17 Priorities

Let’s face it, there are some seriously weird logical holes in the Jurassic Park universe. The scientists who work for the park were able to figure out how to map the genome, cloning and adjusting everything they need to, all so they can make dinosaurs for the fun of it. But that raises questions about why scientists seem so focused on making dinosaurs instead of trying to figure out the solutions to most of the worlds medical problems.

Things like cancer should just be a bitter memory in a world where medical science can basically bring extinct animals back to life. Like, they’ve gotten closer to magic than science at this point. But Hammond, the original owner of Jurassic Park, seems way more interested in making sure that lizard monsters, that like to eat people, are able to run around freely.

This post picks up on this problem and cannot believe that the science of the world is directed towards bringing back a long defunct bunch of creatures that, again, like to eat people. And on the one hand, that’s fair. On the other, dinosaurs are awesome, so there. Who knows, maybe this world has actually eradicated disease, and now they just like to kill time by making dinosaurs.

16 The Main Attraction

Jurassic World introduced us to Owen Grady, a fast thinking and clever raptor trainer who is played by ,post-becoming ripped, Chris Pratt. The character is probably the best part of the movie, a swaggering but kind hearted addition to the Jurassic Park franchise.

And let’s face it, it’s not just because he’s a fun character to have around in this kind of world, but as a lot of various women have brought up in conversation online, Chris Pratt in an open shirt, running around on a tropical island is not exactly what one would consider “bad”.

As this post brings up, there were probably plenty of people who came to the park less for the miracle of science that brought dinosaurs back to life, and more just to see the guy who can apparently control them with whistles.

Jurassic World may have had a lot of problems, but the movie does at least bring us the joy that is dinosaur trainer Chris Pratt on a bike, alongside his raptor team that is about to get themselves into a fight. Sometimes it’s the simple things that we grow to appreciate the most, and for this woman that includes seeing Chris Pratt just being awesome with dinosaurs.

15 Think Of The Dinosaurs

Steven Spielberg is one of the biggest film directors of all time, and has helped bring some of the best movies of all time to the silver screen. Spielberg was responsible for the first Jurassic Park (and also the third, but hey, we all have our off days), and he managed to take a picture of himself alongside one of the mechanical dinosaurs they used in the movie.

But this is the internet, where anything posted is going to get turned into a meme. This is exactly what happened when a movie trivia account on Twitter reposted Spielberg’s photo, ultimately opening themselves up for a pretty good absurd joke. This post has a Twitter user commenting on the picture with fake outrage, framing it like she’s a protester who’s infuriated with the mistreatment of animals. It’s one of those posts that leans into the absurdity of the situation, and uses it to really draw out the joke for all that it’s worth, and we love it for that if nothing else.

But it just makes us imagine a world where Spielberg is just hanging out with the dinosaur actors, on their dinosaur union required breaks. It’s the kind of world we hope the Jurassic Park movies end up going more into, but at least for now we still have this post.

14 Boss Raptor

Sites like Tumblr are great for lots of things. It’s a great platform to share new perspectives, ideas, art, and even writings with the world. It’s a place to find other fans of your passion, and to find entirely new ways to love some of your favorite things in the world. And also sometimes, it just gives you some of the best goofy stuff on the internet to giggle at.

Take this post above for example, which takes a scary moment from the movies (a raptor managing to break through the door) and ultimately turning it into a wholly different (and equally as amazing) bit. Seriously, we want an entire sitcom about this dinosaur executive who’s trying to run a successful business, and the escapades of his long suffering assistant Susan.

Please tell us that’s what Jurassic World 3 is all about. Even if it’s just the characters in that world trying to make that show a reality. We just want to see more about this dinosaur that is having trouble in the private sector, and we want it so bad. We gave Big Bang Theory a spin-off, why can’t we have this one too?! Come on Netflix, you know you want to jump on this.

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13 Dinosaur Supervisor

The credits to any feature film can be full of surprising credits you never even would have thought of. And the original Jurassic Park is no exception. But one of those credits happens to be for the Dinosaur Supervisor. In reality, that probably referred to the person who was trying to keep all the dinosaur props in order and working smoothly.

But that’s not how this famous meme took it. Instead, this post took it more literally by actually implying that this person was grossly negligent with their handling of Jurassic Park. And, to be fair, we like to imagine that there was someone who had the distinct job to make sure the park didn’t explode and that people didn’t get eaten by dinosaurs, but that’s very much what happened.

This guy, Phil Tippett? He’s going to get so incredibly fired for this, to the ultimate degree. This guy is the whole reason the park turned into the mess that it eventually became, and we’re pretty sure that every single member of the (remaining) staff are going to point to this guy during the inevitable senate meetings about this thing. And even if we didn’t see it in the movies, we still believe it happened. You are going to jail, Phil, and you deserve it.

12 Saddest Moment Of The Movie

Seriously, the Jurassic Park films have a tendency to write off and take out most of their characters. And most of the time, it’s just kind of treated as a side effect of the world that all these people find themselves in. But one of the moments from Jurassic World actually managed to shock and break audiences with a surprising character loss.

Specifically, one of the raptors that Chris Pratt had been training as members of his pack of pet raptors. But during one of the most strangely moving scenes of the movie, the four raptors have been turned against the humans by the dangerous new alpha. Chris Pratt tries to make one of them remember him, and for a real moment, it looks like it might just work. But then a rocket comes from behind and takes the raptor out.

It’s sudden, it’s shocking, and it’s genuinely one of the most tragic moments in the entire franchise. We could discuss why it’s weird that the movie took more time to drag the meaning out of that moment and not with any of the humans that sadly got eaten by the dinosaurs earlier in the film, but we’re still with this post.

11 Continuity Is Fun

Continuity between movies, when done right, can add a lot to the experience of the audience. It makes the stories feel connected in a way that feels natural. The two kids finding the original Jurassic Park ruins in Jurassic World? That’s kind of lame and expected. It even plays the old musical fan fare when they find it.

But later in the same movie, there’s actually a really subtle and cool touch of continuity that we straight up love. See, as this post points out, the T. Rex that appears at the end of the film, and takes part in the climatic final dinosaur battle, has actually been seen before, and just not in this movie. See, it’s actually the dinosaur from the end of the first Jurassic Park film, as the dinosaur bears the same exact scars of that final fight with the raptors in first film. I think we can all agree that it’s definitely cool to see these subtle throwbacks to the original movies.

It also makes that T. Rex truly the icon of the series, and we’re glad for it. You don’t need to see the callback to enjoy it, but if you do then you get a little extra treat along with that big reveal.

10 Prattkeeping

You never know what’s going to become a meme. Sometimes, it’s a hilarious joke that you always thought was going to become a good bit online. Other times, it’s just an out of nowhere moment from a movie, show, or event that just becomes a whole new kind of famous. And we’re pretty sure that the people behind Jurassic World probably weren’t expecting to see one of their more iconic moments turned into an online routine.

Early in the film, we’re introduced to Chris Pratt’s character, Owen Grady, when he’s training and teaching some of the raptors. The shot of him managing to give orders to the creatures is one of the most famous shots from the entire movie. And the internet very quickly jumped on it, and turned it into an entire running gag for everyone online.

Soon known as “Prattkeeping,” the meme showed people from all walks of life trying to calm down animals and/or Chris Pratt giving orders to different groups. We prefer the ones where the actual zookeepers from all around the world end up trying to show off their own Pratt skills in practice, but some of the others are pretty good too.

9 Pratt Fan Theory

That’s not all we want to bring up about Chris Pratt’s Owen Grady though, as there’s actually a really fun idea that’s been shared online that manages to connect the original films and Jurassic World even more than before. As the post above explains, there’s a minor character in the first movie that comes up and complains about the dinosaur bones to Alan Grant, the dinosaur expert and main character of the original film.

Alan responds by showing the little boy exactly what a raptor claw could look like, and what it would do. Alan ends it by telling the boy that he needs to learn how to respect these fearsome creatures. Then, twenty two years later, Jurassic World takes place. And there’s a dinosaur expert, specializing in raptors, who repeatedly brings up how you have to respect the creatures.

A lot of fans, including the one who made this post, brings up the possible connection that sees Pratt playing the grown up version of that child from the beginning of the first movie. And it’s a nice little connection that could explain when dinosaurs really began appealing to Owen. It’s not necessary, but it’s a sweet little moment that could potentially further tie the movies together.

8 Just How Crazy Those Effects Are

Seriously, the effects in the original Jurassic Park really can’t be understated. They are among the best effects we’ve ever gotten in a Hollywood film, especially after all these years. Even in an era of more advanced effects and life like creations, Jurassic Park is still defined as having some of the most impressive special effect of any film that’s ever been released.

As this post puts it, there has to be something more to it than just the effects being great, right? It can’t just be that. Like, it has to be some magical reason, right? Otherwise, the last twenty-five years of effects would have been able to surpass or at least match the film’s effects. As the post above points out, there must have been some crazy level of magic on display for those effects to still be considered “awe-inspiring”. Just look at that thing!

That dinosaur looks more real than some of the live action actors who were in the movie. And it’s exactly what we want to see in these movies going forward, instead of just getting bizarre chaos while people yell and scream.

7 Twitter For The Win

Sometimes, Twitter really comes through and pays off for the rest of us. And sometimes, the internet just has fun with it. Fake accounts for fictional characters have proven to be very effective and entertaining, and we have to give some serious props to whoever is responsible for the Tim Murphy account.

Tim Murphy is the little boy from the original Jurassic Park film, and now two decades later someone has given the character his own Twitter account. Mostly, the character would tweet about how horrible it had been to go through the experience of having his Grandfather bring him and his sister to an island full of dinosaurs, who eventually turned and tried to eat both him and his sister. It was slightly intense, and someone turned it into a pretty solid comedic account.

But our absolute favorite moment comes from the tweet above, when the account realized it was being followed by a raptor account. As in, the raptors finally found him. That quiet, shocked “No. No. No” is perfect, and conveys exactly the right kind of hysterical, muted scare factor that makes it extra funny. The account hasn’t been updated in a few years, but here’s hoping it comes back with more horror.

6 Just How Movies Work

It’s one of the little defining things about movies, that even animals or random items can become famous or iconic in their own right. Not even props, but the little things that everyone else, in every other situation, would probably just end up being ignored. Take the example above, in they share how their goat got featured early on and quite prominently within Jurassic World.

What is most surprising though, is the fact that the goat wasn’t just a film goat, but rather just one that was borrowed from a farm for the shoot. They probably only needed the goat for a little bit before they returned it to him. But still, that goat ended up appearing in what would go on to be one of the single most successful films of all time, so it makes sense why this post would consider just how nuts it is that his goat (who happens to be named Earl) has now been seen by literally millions of people around the world.

And all those millions don’t have a clue about the real life farmer who owns that goat, and just how weird it is for that farmer to think how his goat is going to live on in the memories of the world for far longer than he is.

5 By The Power Of Two Fandoms

It’s quite remarkable how the internet (and specifically websites like Tumblr) have been able to unite fans from all around the world. And with that, it means getting to see some unexpected crossover moments that feel 100% real to both settings. Take this one for example, which we love with all our hearts, as it feels perfectly at home within the Harry Potter franchise.

For those of you who don’t know, the Boggart is a mystical creature that transforms into the appearance of someone’s worst fear when it attacks them. And for most wizards, that ends up being something cursed or magical in it’s own right. But what about the Muggle born students, who have an entirely different kind of things to fear than everyone else in the class? What happens when one of them, whose been having nightmares about raptors ever since they were a little kid, gets confronted by one of those? Because based on how little most wizard born children know about Muggles and their science, it’s not hard to imagine that they would have no idea what a dinosaur even is.

Which means a whole bunch of students just got introduced to their brand new nightmares, which some of the Muggle born students might at the very least be able to turn it all into a joke.

4 Jurassic Kart

The films set in the Jurassic Park/World franchise have all followed a specific tone of escalation and growth over the course of the entire series of films. Each of them have gotten bigger and closer to bringing the dinosaurs to the rest of the world. But surprisingly, it also follows a similar pattern to another major franchise, namely the Super Mario Bros. game series.

See, both Mario and Jurassic Park have gone through some similar name changes (including the expansion into the world as a whole on the fourth entry in the series) over the years. But, what if that continues to be the case in the future? Who knows, we might eventually get a Jurassic Galaxy, aka a movie all about dinosaurs going on a rampage in space. Which, come on, isn’t that exactly why we have movies in the first place?

But as the post realizes, that’s not the only great thing that could potentially come out of that parallel naming process, as we could very well see a Jurassic Kart down the line. And come on, we don’t care who you are or where you’re from, racing dinosaurs sounds amazing, and definitely deserves to be a movie.

3 The Goldblum Effect

Jeff Goldblum had been appearing in films for years by the time he showed up in Jurassic Park. But it’s hard to argue that the actor didn’t reach a new level of fame until his role as Dr. Ian Malcolm. His distinctive look and way of speaking became more famous than ever thanks to how distinct he looked in the movie. And then came the internet, when his character and the performance became even more popular, especially his memorable shot of sitting on top of that box (how can you even forget that scene?).

This is the movie that really got the whole world to agree that Jeff Goldblum is hilarious, even when he’s just there to be a supporting character. This post gives a great example of what we bet is going through his mind at all times, because come on. If you were Jeff Goldblum, you’d be loving life just on principal too.

It’s all the little developments of his thoughts that makes us like this so much, making it more and more ridiculous and self-satisfied with each continuing thought that occurs to him. And we think that’s hilarious, sure, but also perfectly in-character for the actor and the character.

2 The Necromancers Of Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park, as a sci-fi film that’s more invested in setting up dinosaur chases than it is in actually representing true scientific progress, doesn’t really pay much attention to making the crazy super science actually work in any real logical way. Even just the manner in which the dinosaurs are able to convert a seemingly endless amount of food and energy is scientifically faulty. And as one post pointed out earlier, why were they using this amazing technology to clone dinosaurs instead of, we don’t know, helping save lives all over the world?

Some dedicated fans have been trying to figure out how exactly the scientists were able to bring the dinosaurs back to life. And one of them, has our favorite possible theory on the matter yet. The post seems to suggest that maybe the so called “scientific advancements” are actually a form of dark magic called necromancy, which can be used to bring those who have passed back to life as unholy soldiers. And we’re not going to lie, magic demon dinosaurs sound so much more scarier! Now we just need to get them into space, and we’ve got the greatest movie of all time.

1 The Inevitable Crossover Of Our Dreams

We live in an era of crossover films, where collective movie universes can see all kinds of different stories and characters coming together for an exciting new adventure. When it’s done properly, it can lead to something like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where all the different parts of the universe and characters come together to form one greater force. And while Universal might be a little hesitant about trying for a collective universe after past failed attempted, we still can hold out hope that maybe the Jurassic Park movies can be combined with some other franchises that are owned by the company.

And here’s the thing, it was announced last year that Universal Studios will be producing movies for Nintendo, the videogame company responsible for the likes of Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and various other famous video game series. This could potentially mean that we might get a version of Jurassic Park where Yoshi shows up.

Now, that’s the Mario movie we all want to see. But hey, it can’t really be any worse than the Mario movie we already got.

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