20 Times Ryan Reynolds Was Deadpool In Real Life

When we first saw Deadpool in live action movie form, it was in a movie known as The Wolverine. It was an origin of the character where we learn of his past and why he developed into the man we see today. It was good for what it was but it screwed up a lot of the universe at the same time. Likely the biggest crime was what they did to Deadpool and Wade Wilson in particular. In videos after the movie came out, Reynolds mentioned how it did not fall down to the way the character was used in the comics, but he did the right Hollywood thing and was happy to play the character.

For some time he pitched a Deadpool stand-alone movie to FOX but it kept on being declined. Yet timing worked out pretty well. After FOX reset the universe with X-Men: Days of Futures Past, it opened up the door to do the original origin of Wade Wilson and Deadpool. At that same period, some test footage leaked to the world. It showed us Deadpool in how he would be used if they ever had the chance to bring it to theaters.

While to this day, no one has ever admitted they were the one to leak the footage…FOX had no choice but to let them do the movie. Not only that, they let them have the R-Rating they wanted. Once Deadpool was a runaway success and made millions for FOX, they had no choice but to allow the second one to be made. That very movie is coming out this month. Reynolds did incredibly well in the first movie, and it is likely he will in this one too. The reason is most likely due to how well he played the role.

Everyone loved Reynolds in the first movie we saw him play the role and it made sense to continue it. He spent years putting it together because he knew if anyone brought to theaters…it was going to be him. He fits it so well and the personality of the two men are often quite similar. In fact, they are so alike that there can be instances where we think Ryan is Deadpool in real life. In this article, we’ll prove that to you. Enjoy.

20 The Light Bulb Tweet

Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool often have what many like to call “sarcastic humor.” In that, they often go to extreme sarcasm levels in order to deliver their joke. It’s a tick for Reynolds in real life, as he cannot possibly help himself. At times, he does it just to do it when there are times he does it for a purpose. In this period, he decided to be slightly self-deprecating. In that, he went to the Deadpool level of slight sarcasm while also kind of makes you wonder about his mental stability.

Do we need to commit Ryan Reynolds after this tweet? Likely not. Well, clearly he’s going to need to be in some sort of nursing home someday. Do you expect Blake Lively to stick around once he goes full crazy? That’s what we thought. That said, the light bulb tweet is often looked at as a clear view of the mind Ryan uses on a daily basis. As luck would have it, this occurred in September 2015. He had already finished the first Deadpool film and was heavily promoting it for months. Perhaps Reynolds had already fallen efficiently into the role. Some people become sarcastic and others have other issues after playing superhero characters. We won’t bring up Heath Ledger if you don’t…

19 The Stalin Tweet

In this tweet by Ryan Reynolds, we come across a time where he mentions what we’re all thinking. One-year-olds are dumb! They are. We get it, your kid is so smart. Every parent believes their kid is intelligent, and we’re not one to disagree completely on that. But what is it based on? Other babies? Wow, the bar raised there is significant, huh? So what Ryan wanted to do here makes sense. Think about what point he’s raising here. He knows the kid is too dumb to get the idea at one, so he wanted to help the child understand.

When it comes to former horrific regimes and dictators who were part of major issues, pictures do help. Seriously, what child could not understand why someone is a bad person when they see a picture? The Soviet Joseph Stalin was quite an evil man who was removed from this world years ago. Last we checked, in most Christian and Jewish homes, a place called Hell is a real area. A place all bad people go. That means Stalin is there and explaining all of this to a child is very hard, so pictures are certainly useful.

Now as long as you tell them if they don’t eat their veggies they’ll end up there too, then things should go well as a parent. That is just simple parental call-back that must be implemented.

18 Happy Father’s Day

Now we come to a very serious part of the life Ryan Reynolds has to deal with on a daily basis. We understand it around here, and thus we feel for Mr. Reynolds. Baking is a very difficult thing, and being made fun of for such a horrific thing is not acceptable. We had to deal with terrible cake and cookie issues over the years, and that did once include bread. Someone in accounting tried, it was nice in an attempt. But still…baking is hard. That said, when this very question came across Ryan’s feed….he was obviously going to bring up something that this fine Twitter user should have known.

Ryan’s father sadly did pass, and thus to religious beliefs, cremated. That clearly means Ryan’s father was not good with baking. If so, he would have come out of the oven without a problem at golden brown. With that said, Ryan’s side where crack meets the back likely was given to him genetically by his mother. We do not know her use in the baking area, but it does seem that she would be better than his father. Maybe next time this person won’t be so sexist!! Women can do anything men can do ya know!

17 The Daughter Of Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds is like any father, he is worried about the well-being of his children and is working hard to make sure they have a good life. Sure, he pretty much plays with weapons, dresses up in strange costumes, and laughs with random people while kissing people who are not his children’s mommy. It’s a business, right? We’re not people to judge, we get it, Ryan. You’re “acting,” it’s all good. We’re sure the judge will understand the “acting” you did off camera too. In any case, Ryan is a father of not just one but TWO daughters. Their names are James and Ines. One was born in 2014 while the other was born the very year this question was asked.

Blake had not given birth to Ines at the time of this posting, which is why it says “daughter” and not “daughter(s).” He would react to his daughters dating like any father would. However, we feel that a better Deadpool response to a first date might be full Deadpool costume while cleaning several what would seem to be illegal guns at the time the date comes to the door. Are we saying Ryan should buy illegal firearms for this stunt? Of course not. Stealing is always an option for him. Plus he is Canadian, of course. Who cares about American laws in Canada? Démarrer la Révolution! Though making her date the bible and ignoring all gun-related stunts is good too…

16 The Time he aced parenting

Look, all parents have some troubles. They make up stories and fairy tales to convince their little angels that Santa exists and the Easter Bunny really did make a map for them, and that the tooth fairy is way more generous than she should be when she is giving them money. So it is no question that Ryan, and likely Blake as well, tell some little white lies to help with the growth and well being of their children.

Unfortunately, in Ryan’s case, he went a little too Wade Wilson on his kids. This is definitely something Deadpool would do if he ever had children, no doubt about it. What makes this all the more better is that last sentence. Already, the fact that he is telling his daughter that is hilarious, but imagine the pandemonium if Ryan would actually publish a book about parenting. So many people would at least get a good laugh, and really, if that is the thing to come out of him writing a book, then that is not so terrible.

15 The Time Wonder Woman Caught Him Stealing Her Look

Sometimes when people are caught red-handed, they cannot help but confess to the thing they did wrong. Of course, none of us have done anything to apologize for. Alright, there was that one time with the pans and dryer, but it’s okay mom…we gave clothes that rustic look you like! Anyway, when the upcoming movie Deadpool 2 hit commercial time…we saw an interesting pose. Wade Wilson is putting the “X-Force” together for this movie, as he attempts to fight Cable. For anyone who knows Marvel Comics and Deadpool especially, it’s likely you know what that group happens to be. It’s quite interesting and an entire comic series was dedicated to it.

However, in doing the commercial, he puts the “X” across his body. It works for the name of the group. Gal Gadot has a VERY similar look with Wonder Woman that she calls the “bussshhh.” Of course, in her Israeli accent, this can be taken in a lot of weird ways that we’re sure Deadpool would have fun with. But we’re a PG-brand!

He called what he did “borrowing.” While Canadians may get away with this, the Americans call the cops and make people serve 10 years in a maximum prison for such a crime. Thanks to Comments By Celebs, we were able to see their full conversation regarding the copying. Reynolds did the right thing by admitting. Is he going to take it out of advertising? Nah! The X looks cool. He’ll make FOX pay royalties instead.

14 That Time Deadpool Apologized To David Beckham

At one point, David Beckham was quite a popular figure. He was the height of popularity, especially in Europe a number of years ago. Eventually, there was not a place on the planet Beckham could go without being recognized. That’s what happens when you marry Posh Spice. Let’s be honest here, we all know you know the Spice Girls better than you know David Beckham’s soccer/football statistics. Most of you at least. In any case, Deadpool made a joke about Beckham’s voice in the very first Deadpool film. As a result, David was mad and ole’ Pool wanted to end any beef between them. Soccer is important to Canadian mercenaries, ya know.

That led to a wonderful video that saw Reynolds show up at David Beckham’s home dressed as Deadpool. Even trying to apologize to him saying “I’m sorry, forgive me.” He even added a kissy face emoticon. That’s serious apology stuff people. Like whoa! He would show up to his door with a mariachi band, balloons, and eventually tickets to a soccer event. Beckham knew he could not stay mad at Deadpool, so they hugged it out. Now if we could just figure out how to change Beckham’s voice, we would not assume we’re hearing the gecko from Geico each time he’s on television….

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13 The Valentine Baking Gone Haywire

We’ve been through this already. Baking for the Reynolds men is clearly not a strong trait they are blessed with. For example, most of us are not like Michael Jordan and blessed with the ability to play basketball well. Sure, some of us can do the thing with our tongue. Even the most talentless among us can do it. Heck, even Miley Cyrus could do the Jordan tongue thing. Of course, writing on Cyrus’ tongue much longer than this would get us in trouble. So Ryan’s baking did lead to an interesting situation. He wanted to make a picture for Instagram and the best thing he could do was make a cake.

He did this for his wife, Blake Lively. It was done on Valentine’s Day and clearly, it was a sweet act on the part of Reynolds. Though as he said above, he had to use glue to keep it together. While this might be slightly sarcastic self-deprecating, this is actually used all the time to help make baked good looks better on camera. Check out how food shoots are done for commercials. There’s a whole career in that stuff. A CAREER!! We’re not saying Reynolds has a job if he gets tired of acting. We’re just saying he has options.

12 Deadpool Demanding Silence…Sort Of

Ryan Reynolds is like any actor in a highly anticipated sequel that is likely never going to live up to the hype as being better than the first. He does not want people to spoil how bad or good the movie might be. If they do, they would be mean and bad people. We could say more, but we were told that it would be against company policy. Though the biggest thing against company policy in the Marvel world is leaking out information regarding any movie. It does not matter which movie it is, but they do often care most about those Avengers films. During the press and promotion for the movie, we saw a ton of advertisements regarding spoilers. At the end, they left the tagline #ThanosDemandsYourSilence.

It was a good plan, and thus far it has worked pretty well. You have some people who are jackrabbits about it, but for the most part, it is far better than the Force Awakens spoilers that got out. You know who you are that spoiled Han Solo’s passing. Look, if you did not see the movie by this point, it’s your own fault. However, due to Deadpool 2 coming out…the Merc wanted to do something similar to Thanos and warn people. His letter read as such if you could not see it from the image above:

“To the greatest fans in the whole universe. We have embarked on the ‘Deadpool 2: This is Kind of Your Guys’ Fault’ World Tour. Almost everyone involved in the film has given Maximum Effort the past two years, maintaining the highest level of super secrets, like how David Blaine catches bullets in his mouth. And the secret blend of 11 herbs and spices in Colonel Sanders’ delicious mustache. Only a handful of people know the film’s true plot. One of them is not Ryan Reynolds. We’re asking that when you see Deadpool 2, you don’t say a word about the fun in the movie. Cause it’d be super lame to spoil the fact that Deadpool dies in this one. Kidding. Not kidding. Kidding? Godspeed. #WadeWilsonDemandsYourSisterSorryStupidAutoCorrectSilence”

11 Hugh Jackman Cannot Escape His Deadpool Fate

We all know by now that Ryan Reynolds wants Hugh Jackman to reprise his role in the Deadpool series. Sadly, FOX did a movie called Logan that while terrific, ended Jackman’s run as Wolverine in the X-Men series. It is likely the character will remain in the universe, but played by a different person. This would be anarchy and Deadpool cannot stand such a horrible form of justice. That said, the Canadian decided to track down the Australian actor and make sure he bugged him until he gave in. That means wherever Jackman is, Deadpool will not be far behind.

With the possible sale of 20th Century Fox to Disney, it could be possible to see both Deadpool and Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We know Jackman has had talks with Disney executives about Wolverine but that is it. If this deal does go through and Disney has the rights to most Marvel characters…it would be shocking if Jackman did not reprise his role as the character in the MCU then at the same time, star in a Deadpool movie. At least it would get Deadpool off his back. Following him is one thing, but singing “Who Let The Dogs Out” in his hotel room is going too far, dang it!

10 Deadpool Always Loved The Goonies, But Who Didn’t? All Of Us…

For those unaware, Josh Brolin is the man playing Cable in the Deadpool 2 movie. You may recognize him from a lot of major movies. He’s been nominated for several awards due to his impressive work. However, one movie often forgotten about from Brolin’s IMDB page is The Goonies. This is a movie that dates back to the 1980’s and is pretty much a young adult movie. It’s not bad, but not the best movie in the world. Okay, we’re going to be honest here. We pride ourselves on that. This is one of those movies we all sort of, ya know, “know” about and talk about as being good from our childhood. But our childhood must have sucked if this is recognized as good.

Yet it’s pretty terrible. It has one line on a “truffle-shuffle” that is funny due to the hilarity of an overweight kid making comedic jokes at the expense of his weight. But that is just about all. Seriously. Of course, there are a lot of tremendous films from the 1980’s that we could list off, including Back to the Future and more. However, The Goonies is remembered primarily because it was one of the few films kids could watch in all age brackets. It included a guy like Brolin who would become a major name in Hollywood. That said, we remember it…but it wasn’t good. We do not advise you to watch it or even as much as use it to burn in a fire on a cold winter night.

Though Ryan Reynolds bringing it up is pretty funny, especially considering it is for Deadpool 2 where he is starring alongside Brolin. It’s better than bringing up W. right? Right?!?

9  The Drawing No Wall…Or Fridge Could Hold

When a child is small, they have a certain level of understanding with everything. They do not quite know what is going on in the world, or what their place is, or what they’re good or bad at. Children are a delight because they’re encouraged to be great. Seriously, if your boss told you that you were amazing every single day…you’d feel good about it. Either that, or you’d begin to get in touch with HR over harassment. Regardless, children love attention and love the mere thought that they are good at everything they do. They aren’t, but we give them this overinflated ego to make them feel they are.

Ryan Reynolds does not want to reward this stuff. He is not going to tell his kid that she is amazing at something when she isn’t nor hang a bad drawing on the fridge/wall. That’s because Ryan knows art, and has an image to uphold. Sure, before The Proposal and a lot of movies afterward…his own career could be considered as good as his daughter’s bad drawing. But hey, DNA fell right to her. He has to make sure to get all of the “him” out and push those Blake traits. Hanging up bad drawings is the first step to being a bad daddy and he simply will not have it. He is not the parent they want, but the parent they deserve!

8 Ryan Reynolds Gets Philosophical 

Ryan Reynolds is nothing if not helpful in helping children. As we’ve seen with his previous material involving his own kids, it’s a clear point of knowledge that Ryan will be gentle with your child. However, when that person is your little brother…the gloves are off! For those unaware, Deadpool IS a superhero, however the movies Deadpool is part of are going to have a higher rating due to the graphic material he brings to the table. In fact, we cannot do but so much Deadpool content ourselves as a result. With the first Deadpool being terrific and kids hearing about it, clearly, they’re going to want to go see it. In the United States, kids can go to Rated R films but only if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian over 18 years of age.

This is a common thing, but Rated R films are not meant for kids…even if they’re good. If you’ve seen Deadpool, it’s likely you understand why we bring that up. So when someone brought up how their little brother could not see the movie due to the rating, Ryan wanted to comfort the little boy with a mere bit of knowledge. He’s going to eventually pass away in this thing we call life, after living as a person with likely no life direction. For aren’t we all meat puppets forced to go down a road that will likely see us thrive or starve? We never said we were comforting either…

7 Obsession To One Is Simply Being A Fan To Another

In this tweet, Ryan Reynolds is pointing to a very horrible problem we have in society. It’s so weird that we cannot just be a fan of someone. It’s like when you’re a kid and you really like a person. So you hit them or ride the bus with them near their home 2 hours out of the way from your own. Of course, when you do this it is considered cute…as a kid. But when you get older, it’s “stalking.” Reynolds is merely pointing out that his mural of former One Direction star Zayn Malik was out of fan-hood and not an obsession. We get it, we’re a fan of Zayn too…Sami Zayn. He’s a WWE Superstar from Montreal, Quebec in Canada.

Do we often chant “ole” in weird areas of the world as if it makes sense somehow? Of course, we do. But we’re not animals. We only chant this and then stare at him when he’s in a store…and call him generic, because we’re marks. But that is not weird, right? Reynolds taught us a lesson in this tweet. It is okay to be a fan and show it. We hope he’ll be okay with those Wolverine claws to show irony that we sent…

6 A Man And His Chocolates…

We’re not going to lie to anyone who reads this and say that Reynolds overreacted at this man. Clearly, the other guy was the enemy. When our mothers used to tell us that they can sense evil…it is likely they were referring to ole’ chocolate guy here. This guy was like some sort of Evil Willie Wonka! Once he brought chocolate up to bat, we knew something was coming that no one could handle. So let us evaluate what Evil Wonka did here, and maybe some can understand why he deserves a seat next to the heater in the unholy fire pit.

A guy literally puts a piece of chocolate on a tray as if it could not have been stashed in his pants or jacket pocket. The chocolate was so small that it had no need to be out. He then took up tray space and walk room space just for this piece of chocolate for which he did not eat for a solid 7 hours. We assume Ryan had a window seat because, well, all stars have window seats. It is almost like some sort of rule. That means to go to the restroom or anything where he had to leave his seat, he’d have to climb over Wonka and his tray of a small chocolate. Finally, he eats this chocolate after 7 hours on a plane ride. Congrats Wonka, you graduated to the pre-school class of eating.

5 A Happy Birthday Fit For The Wife Of Ryan Reynolds 

Ryan Reynolds is a good husband and father. At least that was what we were told to say to avoid the lawsuit. As a result, it makes total sense that Reynolds would wish his wife Blake Lively a happy birthday. They have been married a while now and have two wonderful daughters together. Obviously, things are going well in Hollywood for Ryan, and he wanted to remind Blake of this. That was why on his Instagram, Reynolds made sure to wish Blake the lovely birthday message…while showing a picture of mostly himself. Ryan is one of those guys in Hollywood who just “gets it” we feel.

He knows that in a world of women being empowered and having more opportunities than ever before, that being married to Ryan Reynolds is a big deal. Like, a huge deal. The man is a movie star who has become quite a popular name in Hollywood due to his successes. Does he like to flaunt it? Of course not. But that is why he has to remind Blake of her being so lucky on her birthday. Of course, that is how you empower a woman on her birthday in House Reynolds, where Blake resides because she’s married to Ryan Reynolds. It was a happy birthday wish from the heart.

4 The Avengers Acceptance Letter Was Declined

Look, we all know that Deadpool is a good guy with a heart of gold and a mind made up of about 100 different voices. However, being part of the Avengers is a difficult situation. It takes a lot of paperwork. You think Spider-Man would just have gotten on if he did not know a guy first? Deadpool is not exactly a good team player anyway. Which is why this whole X-Force thing is likely to blow up in his face. Yet here was Ryan Reynolds always thinking he knows what’s best for Deadpool. It’s as if he thinks he really is the guy. Reynolds sent a letter on behalf of Deadpool to The Avengers about going to be part of the team.

To his shock, they wrote back. Mostly Stark. The letter was a bit sticky from all the blood and tears. They apparently had a tough battle or something. Stark is running on low for heroes, so the fact that he denied Deadpool is clearly a problem. Reynolds posted this letter, masking it as a congratulations letter to the Avengers team for their success at the box office.

The film is going to get somewhere near two billion by the end of this month. But you know what else is coming out? Deadpool 2! Reynolds wasn’t planning to not promote Deadpool here. The letter was a good touch, Ryan. A promotion for his movie hidden within a congratulations post for another. Wade saw it, he loved it.

3 He’s A Supportive Husband, Sort Of

While Ryan Reynolds is off making movie blockbusters, his wife is often at home with their two children. However, she did decide a couple years ago to get involved with another movie project herself. It was a film where she was in a bikini, so we were in big-time favor. The movie was called The Shallows. Basically, Blake has to stand up on what Deadpool is on and avoid being eaten by hungry sharks on the place below. Did we mention she was injured, wet, cold, and tired? It is a thriller that would only become interesting if you went to see the film or saw it on BlueRay.

The movie did do well for Blake, as it made nearly $120 million at the box office on a $30 million budget, which is more than double what they put and considered a Hollywood success. Was Reynolds promotion of the movie via his character from Deadpool a helpful thing? Perhaps. We did see over 350,000 likes. We did the numbers if all went to see the standard matinee of the movie at near $10 a ticket…that’s over $3.5 million dollars toward the movie. Not including the other amounts. We’re not saying Blake needs to thank her husband for the help, but Deadpool is requesting it. So…good luck on that one.

2  Reynolds Is Clear Father Of The Year Material

When it comes down to it, parenting is hard. Any parent out there knows it. Your child is dumb, so they often do not realize that things are hot until they burn themselves. They do not know how to change themselves at times or often find ways to get hurt. Some even just randomly lay on the floor and scream, for literally no reason other than to get attention. It’s tough. That said, it has to be quite difficult to write a parenting book if you have kids around interrupting your book on parenting, forcing you to parent your child. Parenting is hard, but writing a parenting book while also having to parent is even harder.

Seriously, we could not imagine such a hassle like that. Could anyone really? Each day you’re trying to write as your little brat is running around with a plunger on their head screaming “I am The Plunger, hear me roar!” There are so many things wrong with that, with the animal missing alone. Yet you could not write in all that. So Reynolds will just leave for 6 years and come back with a full book and children who have grown up more. It’s a win/win for all involved. Perhaps not for Blake, but hey, she is married to Ryan Reynolds still…

1 The Loving Father And His Sacrifice

Ryan Reynolds was a bachelor for many years. He would get married to actress Scarlett Johansson and though they were seemingly the perfect couple, their marriage did not go as well as they had hoped. It did not last and they would get divorced as a result. Both filed the same day and it was pretty much over, and they remain okay friends to this day thankfully. Ryan moved on and dated various women before finally ending up on the gorgeous Blake Lively. They would get married and have their first daughter, James, not too long after. Ryan was completely thrilled to have a child and loved her with all his heart.

That said, it made sense that Ryan would feel a certain way about her. He would go on the talk show known as The Late Show with David Letterman and speak out on his new child. He told Letterman:

“I used to say to my wife, ‘I would take a bullet for you. I could never love anything as much as I love you.’ I would say that to my wife. And the second I looked in that baby’s eyes, I knew in that exact moment that if we were ever under attack, I would use my wife as a human shield to protect that baby.”

So noble of Reynolds. He would make the ultimate sacrifice and throw his wife in the way of oncoming harm to save his child and likely himself. So selfless of him to do such a thing and save his child like that. Kudos, Ryan. Kudos.

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