24 Unusual Things About Ariel Winter That Her Fans Ignore

Remember Alex Dunphy? The nerdy with round spectacles in the Modern Family serial? The cute girl who bewildered everyone with her acting skills; a middle child who likes to bother her siblings was just a girl next door. Yes, Ariel Winter is now a grown-up lady and a favorite character on the silver screen. The most memorable characters she played are as Alex Dunphy on Modern Family. Ariel and her casts were winners of four Screen Actors Guild Award dedicated to best ensemble category in the comedy series.

She started her career on screen at a tender age of four when she was spotted shooting for an ad commercial Whip Cool in 2002. Then she made her first television appearance in an episode of Listen Up. She also voiced the Disney character Little Mermaid and gradually in some other roles. Presently, she is the owner of 9 million USD, and she draws seventy-five thousand per episode she works. Well, we are not to discuss her career or maybe how much she is earning at present, but her life is a center of controversy, and her fans know just a bit of it.

There are various rumors about her relationship with her family members, especially her mother and sister. People knit exciting stories about her childhood or might be how she was devoid of her family’s affection, or when she was utilized just for being an earning child. She faced some hard days as she was whirling around the court premises at a very tender age. Ariel is the center of attraction and gossip too. Let’s see some facts which were never discussed or enlightened, but as she grew up became some interesting topics for discussion.

24 ARIEL’s fashion sense

When Ariel was four years old, she entered the showbiz world. She was chosen for modeling and endorsed some brands. Gradually she got selected for TV serials and soaps. Now, her body developed more than her age. Her mom made sure that she would dress the most adult way. She wanted Ariel to reveal her assets while she dressed. For a normal girl, a mother would make sure that she would dress modestly; but for Ariel, it’s just the opposite. Her mother knows that if she would wear something more adult, then she would surely catch the attention of many people who pass her by. She made sure that Ariel went around and acted more like an adult than she should have. She made her dress that way, so that whatever press came her way, be it positive or negative, would work out for her. Looks like her mom was already preparing Ariel to be in the news from that tender age.

Well, for a celebrity kid this is not something unusual. But the mom was a bit too ambitious with her kid. Looks like she wanted Ariel to attract media, news and some juicy stories. For a mother, that is something pretty unusual, and perhaps she should have thought better about it when she was raising her daughter. For Ariel, it might have just been normal. (Source:Thetalko.com)


For most of the children, a mother is their guardian angel. But for Ariel, she doesn’t want her mother to interfere in her life, nor would she ask her permission for anything. Her mother is said to be exploitative by nature and utilizes Ariel’s money. The mom had a clash with her sister and Ariel prefers her sister to be her guardian. Her sister, Shaelle took her guardianship only for the reason that she can utilize her money, and give her the freedom she wishes. It looks like the sister never had any affection nor was a well-wisher; but only that Shanelle was similarly exploitative like her mother and squeezed Ariel for money.

When the family was fighting for custody for Ariel, she preferred the sister, anyways. The sister was a good change for Ariel, as she found that she could be herself. There were no restrictions, but more importantly, she had the freedom to be who she wanted to be. There was a lot of room for her to grow, without the pressure of having to perform to meet a certain standard for another family member. Clearly that is what Ariel needed from her family, instead of having someone to watch her back all the time.  (Source:Thetalko.com)


Generally while growing up, girls have female friends. But, for Ariel Winter, there were no female friends as her mom used to believe that mixing with female friends would encounter competition. And Ariel never wanted the rivalry. It is not really the best mentality to have.

For an average family, this concept is awkward as children grew up with both male and female friends. But, in case of Ariel, when she grew up, she mixed with female friends as well as with men. Well, while she was shooting for Modern Family, she had to cope up with both male and female friends. Her male and female friends on the show both had only positive things to say about her.

The flexibility of her being, and the development of her character might have been better served if she had been able to have more than just male friends growing up. Or better yet, a mother who would actually pay attention to her in a way that she deserved. Not having that strong female connection to someone else likely seriously harmed her, as it is needed when one is growing up.

She never had any complex while being compared to other female friends. It looks like her mother was too nosy about her mixing up.


Ariel had a very troubled youth. Her parents were always yelling at each other. Her mother, Crystal never agreed with her dad, and both ended up in a fight. The scariest part was that her mother always used to blame her dad for things he did, in front of her children, which is not really the best way to go about things. The mother is a fighter, and naturally installed that same kind of persona in her kids. However, with a father who is in and out of your life, it makes it hard to trust people, and that, no doubt, had an effect on Ariel.

The family was always fighting, with either the mother yelling at the kids or the elder sister yelling at the mother. Imagine what it must have been like to grow up in such an unwelcome household. It is not an easy thing to do, so it makes sense that Ariel would want to get away. Looks like Ariel had a childhood that was not to be desired, filled with yelling, and parents not acting like they should. Well, her parents were divorced after the long fight but not before spoiling the childhood of their kids. (Source: Thetalko.com)

20 a mother who needs to go back to parenting class

Ariel’s mother was basically lacking in every way possible. She had a tendency to be mean and rude towards her daughter, and Ariel even reported that there were physical moments between the two of them. Well, while Ariel’s parents were going through a divorce trial at the court, her dad mentioned that Ariel had just as much of a short fuse, and whatever her mother did to her would be turned right back around. According to her father, Ariel never liked her mother, and she was too possessive on her and had a tendency to hold the wheel of Ariel’s life. Well, her mother had a bad background. She was also taken to court for this reason. Also, Crystal was made to answer for her nature and wild treatment towards kids.

When Crystal was fighting for the custody of her daughter Ariel in the court, Ariel’s dad took her mom’s side and told that Ariel was more violent in nature than her mother. Well, when she lost the case of custody and sister Shanelle won, Ariel looked happier. But as a matter of fact, her sister has some problems too, which has not made Ariel’s life that much easier, despite the freedom she has been given, as mentioned above. Everyone has problems, and this family likes to make theirs known to the public. (Source: Thetalko.com)

19 19 and in love

According to Crystal, when Ariel was fourteen years old, she was involved in a relationship with a boy who was eighteen. She caught both while they were engaged in an intimate relationship, and punished the boy with a kick. This story came into the picture while Crystal was trying to get custody over her daughter Ariel. In this type of situation, for any other parent in the place of Crystal, making police complaints would have been more called for rather than what she did. According to Crystal, her daughter Ariel thought that her mom was being too much of a nag and interfering with her life; Ariel was angered and tried emancipating herself from her mother.

Well for any teenager if she is caught with her boyfriend in an obscene manner, her mother will definitely turn wild and might take necessary steps against the boyfriend. But, interestingly, in this case, nothing like that happened. Instead, Ariel being a celebrity kid, she was given the right to decide on her life though she was still at her tender age. So, she can be involved in a relationship. But her mom’s interference proved to be great. To be more precise, Ariel has drifted apart from her mom because of her relationship with her boyfriend. (Source:Thetalko.com)

18 she likes her freedom

While Crystal Workman was fighting the custody case for her celebrity daughter, the cash monster Ariel, she was told that Ariel wanted total freedom. Ariel was earning a handsome amount at that time, and the star made it clear that as she was growing up, she wanted full control of her money. Her sister, Shanelle supported her and preferred to be Ariel’s legal guardian. The sole reason behind this decision was nothing but Shanelle’s greed and desire to enjoy a chunk of Ariel’s wealth and lifestyle. The mother accused Shanelle was utilizing Ariel’s money for her sake. Here, it is interesting to note that sister Shanelle never complained that Ariel was spending her money insensibly. On the contrary, she even utilized Ariel’s money. Ariel always lacked a proper guardianship which she badly needed, and nobody ever guided her the right way or suggested her how she can utilize her money efficiently.

Ariel being the one making the money, was fully utilized by each of her family members in whatever way they can and sometimes exploited. Looks lik, the entire family was planning to engage in a competition to taking Ariel’s custody just because she was thought to be a money making machine more than an immature teenager who required attention and good governance. (Source:Thetalko.com)

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When Crystal lost the battle of custody over her daughter Ariel Winter, she went to Dr. Phil, the renowned psychologist whom she believed can bring justice to her image. Dr. Phil would not take any sides nor allow any trash in this show. According to Crystal, her celebrity daughter Ariel was being brainwashed by people who were around her. In the show, Crystal spoke ill about both the daughters, both younger and older.

Dr. Phil is a reputed psychologist and gives good suggestions to all parents who are thoughtful about their kids. The episode which was watched by many people was able to teach them some lessons on how they can manage a kid who is completely out of control. But the worst part was that Crystal discussed everything in public, especially how she fought with her two daughters. Looks like she opened her dreadful family album for no reason. Dr. Phil gave her good suggestion and then advised her that she should not repeat some of her mistakes.

But when you discuss family matters in a public show, it does not look good. Primarily, the viewers were judgemental and passed comments. But it seems like the poorest of all the souls was Ariel Winter. (Source:Tetalko.com)

16 PARTYING late into the night

A fourteen-year-old teenager would like to party with her friends. That is taken as a standard thing in a developed society. But, for Ariel, the mother was accusing that she was leading too much of a carefree night as she went out past 2 am. When a teenager girl is out until late at night, a mother will be disturbed and feel insecure, that’s normal. But if Crystal’s motive was to embarrass Ariel, she must have hit the wrong place. For any teenager of this age partying late is generally taken as an annoyance by the parents. Good parenting always emphasizes that kids must return home early and spend some time with her family. Well, for Ariel this point was highlighted just to prove that she was going in the wrong line. Her custody was not given to her mom, despite everything she told to the court.

After all, Ariel is a celebrity, and she has all the freedom to enjoy her life with the money she earns. Of course, the celebrity daughter has to be counselled that partying late night is not the right direction to follow; she should enjoy but within the limited time frame as it might affect her work the next day. (Source:Thetalko.com)


Ariel was doing the role of Alex Dunphy, the character of Modern Family. The role was that of a nerdy girl which Ariel wins over the hearts of the audience. The producers of the show saw that while being off screen, Ariel dresses up weirdly and shows off her assets. This was not a matter to be happy about. The producers pointed that out, and there were some ongoing rumours that Ariel might be kicked off the show. Every artist has a contract to be signed by the producers and directors. They expect the artist to bear the same image she sports on the screen. But Ariel’s dressing style must have been the cause why the producers were upset with her. She was not acting according to the contract signed. Her disobeying terms and conditions could have affected the ratings of the show. So, the direction team was right to point her revealing dressing sense, which was quite contrary to her original screen character.

Moreover, the producers reflect the Modern Family to be a family show; so the stars have to look decent off-screen. But, now that the child star has grown up, she dictates her way of dressing. Now, nobody can advise an adult the ways she dresses or the life she leads. (Source:Thetalko.com)


When Ariel Winter was working on the sets of Modern Family, her mom used to hinder a lot on every issue. She used to suggest screen edits and changes, which was not a part of her job. Crystal was on the sets for controlling Ariel, but her interference had some severe effects, and the producers went mad on her. Just after she lost custody of her daughter, she stopped coming on the sets, and the entire team was relieved of the unnecessary stress created by Crystal. There was no end to the inconvenience Crystal caused to the sets just by her unnecessary poking habit. Starting from Ariel’s dress and her food, she used to fight over everything.

The producers were just done with her and wanted to get rid of her by any means. Well, when she lost custody of daughter Ariel, it was a relief for those people in sets as they were sure, Crystal will no longer be there to harass them on the sets. More than Ariel, the cute girl, her mom was more important and not to disagree a headache.

After all, harassing a workplace just in the name of guardianship is not a justified action. Crystal was known to be an interfering and short-tempered woman. (Source: Thetalko.com)


As mentioned earlier, Ariel’s mother, Crystal Workman would interfere with the sets of Modern Family. It became an irritating affair of how a woman with no experience in films can ever talk to the director and producer so rudely. Her arrogance was being intolerable. Ariel had her guide in the team who would take care of her in every aspect. There was no need of Crystal coming on the sets being Ariel’s guardian as she was already being protected and taken care by her guide on the set. When all the casts including Ariel were offered food on the set by the production department, her mom was always on her feet suggesting Ariel what to eat and what not to. Poor Ariel was so scared that she could not have enough food and sometimes remained hungry. But her guide understood her condition and used to order food for her.

Now, there are rumors that Crystal would control every bite of the food that was given to Ariel. The nuisance went on so far that Ariel’s guide had to sneak food and give to Ariel. This looks like quite a cheap mentality. There is no limit to the interference Crystal had for her daughter Ariel. Could she be given Mother of the year award? (Source:Thetalko.com)

12 her father wanted her money

When Ariel was being tried for custody, her father used to support her mom saying Ariel was as bad to her mother as her mother was to her. He even said that Ariel doesn’t have any knowledge where and how to spend the money. She was just a naive and used to make unnecessary expenditures. But when her mom lost custody of her daughter, the dad sided with Ariel. The simple reason being, nobody in the family, did want to miss the opportunity of losing a cash gold mine like Ariel. Ariel’s dad changed ship and decided to stand by her. He never had the responsibility of the kids, and he was on and off the family. He was never a dedicated father to the kids.

Whenever he came, he fought with Crystal and then departed. They even fought on delicate issues that parents should never even utter. They were an example of bad parenting. But when Ariel won the case, and her mother lost custody over Ariel, her dad came for her guidance. The reason was simple; dad wanted to use Ariel’s money.

Imagine a dad, who never understands her children’s need but makes full utilization of the earning daughter’s money. Looks like her dad was in love of her money more than Ariel, poor Ariel! (Source: Thetalko.com)


It’s nothing new that Ariel prefers to stay with her sister rather than her mom who is arguably rude. The matter then broke between Ariel and her mom involves her boyfriend. Crystal never liked Ariel’s boyfriend and preferred them to be separated. No one wanted to lose custody over Ariel as she brought in so much cash. But Ariel became furious on her mom as she never accepted her relationship with her then boyfriend. This was perhaps one of the issues why Ariel became furious on her mom.

When her sister became her guardian, Ariel was allowed to do anything her heart desired. She spent money the way she liked and lived her own lifestyle. In fact, her sister was also utilizing her money being her guardian. There was no limit to the misdoings Ariel does with her sister supporting that. Of course, Ariel is growing up, and she has her own choice, but that does not mean she can do anything she likes.

Now, this is a standard issue. Parents often go against the wish of their kids. Teenager kids in many cases do not accept the terms their parents want them to live on. But since Shanelle supported all misdoings of Ariel, she preferred her sister and looked at her as her first wisher. (Source:Thetalko.com)


Ariel might be a cute girl and could be roaming in the streets till late night, but there is no need to think about her security. Ariel is a smart girl, and she knows how to protect herself from anything bad that comes her way. After all, Ariel is a purple belt in taekwondo. Although many people are fighting over her custody, when she struggled with her mother, there is still no need to worry about her security. Ariel is a self-made person and she knows how to protect herself from all sorts of nuisances. She goes alone with friends, wears revealing dresses, but she will never give up to a situation if anybody disturbs her or creates any harassment. She is a strong girl after all, mentally as well as physically.

She is a regular gym goer and practices weightlifting. Her boyfriend, who is ten years senior to her is her frequent companion to the gym. Her coach is Gunnar Peterson, who also trains Kim Kardashian. She practices cardio, a lot of weight training and of course some martial arts. She has mastered the art of self-defense and keeps her punch ready for any person who ever dares to harm her. In one word, do not mess with Ariel. (Source:Thetalko.com)


Ariel Winter has won over the viewer’s hearts with her outstanding acting skills. Everybody liked her nerdy like appearance in Modern Family. Alex is her favorite character. Now, she has dyed her hair and been often referenced to The Little Mermaid for it. Every once and a while, like the photo above, there are always some outfits that stun us for all the right reasons. Sometimes she actually looks stunningly beautiful. It takes our breath away!

Ariel has done her best and allures her viewers with her performance. She is not only talented but also has the ability to keep her fans engaged by her flawless performance. Well, the fact she changed her looks by coloring her hair, adds a bit of flavor to the character she portrays on screen. After Modern Family, she became a household name.

No doubts, whatever story she has and whatever be her family background, she will always be the cutie pie. People will remember her sweet and innocent girl image. But mostly, people will always remember her for playing Alex, no matter what she does in the future. It is just one of those things that cannot be avoided. (Source:Thetalko.com)


Ariel winter was obsessed with the Twilight series, which starred Robert Pattinson, who played the star role of Edward Cullen. He is influential and also has the ability to change the life of Ariel, thereby giving her a much promising future. Ariel is genuinely an opportunist and knows how to influence people for the sake of her career. As we all know, in this showbiz industry, artists are in dire need of contacts and recommendations apart from their acting talent. This is a highly competitive world where stars can make their place only if they have strong feet. So, to keep options open and have a firm grip in the showbiz industry, they continuously need to be under the umbrella of influential and already established directors and producers. And, Ariel is no exception to this rule.

Ariel and Robert were spotted together in various functions, and Robert also posed with her. Looks like he possesses a strong desire to cast her maybe in one of his next projects or help promote Ariel for bagging few offers. Well, she expressed her feelings about this great star and also wishes that she can be made a cast in some roles suggested and recommended by Robert Pattinson. (Source:Thetalko.com)

7 SHE went through some changes

Ariel was in the showbiz when she was just four years old. Now, as she grows up, she finds her body to be too developed. Ariel often faces the problem in suiting the dresses she bought for herself. Well, for a celebrity like Ariel, this is nothing which is unnatural. Ariel was already body-shamed many a time and trolled on the internet by unnamed people. Of course, for a teenager this is humiliating.

There is something called peer pressure, and Ariel likes to catch positive attention instead of being trolled. Though she has gone through some changes to make her body more comfortable for herself, we think she always looks great. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is more important than what other people feel and say. Might be she thought her body is too bulky or she looks odd when she wears revealing dresses. Her cast has pointed out more than once that they support her with her decisions, because she follows her heart and works out what works best for her and not the public. Really, that is what matters more than anything else. If it is not good for the actual star, then that is the problem.

But she didn’t inform the media about this step; when the press found her truth, there was a significant headline on it. Of course, that is to be expected to a degree, the media has to get their news from somewhere, and Ariel is always a good source to go to. (Source:Thetalko.com)


Ariel Winter is fond of singing. She got a warm hug from Andrea Martin while they were shooting for Modern Family. They teamed up and sang a song called Silent Night. They were trying to have the Christmas spirit going on. She once said that she likes to sing to Miley Cyrus, and even would like to have the chance to possibly sing with her one day (we can all dream). Whatever be the reason, Ariel is always enthusiastic about singing or running a music show. Ariel has a great appreciation for singing and it definitely shows.

Winter has her love for music and is a part of the music group called ‘Wicked Sweet.’ She has uploaded several videos of the music band and earned views of millions to her credit. Looks like whatever she touches becomes gold. She is just the lucky girl everybody wants to capitalize on. A celebrity like Ariel is generally appreciated wherever she goes or whatever she does. Her pathway becomes easier as she walks with confidence. She has a sweet and impressive voice, and she can take her fans by storm. (Source:Thetalko.com)


Ariel Winter has become best friends with Rico Rodriguez. According to Rico, Ariel is a confident woman. Rico expressed his thoughts about Ariel when he was interviewed by US weekly, during an event of UCLA Mattel Children’s hospital party. He said that whatever Ariel decided to do, she will do her best. Rico even added that her friends will always be there to support her regardless of anything she might do. She made friends with almost all the star casts of Modern Family who are ready to help her regardless of any situation.

Rico expressed his confidence on Ariel, and so did others; which is a good way of showing that no matter what her mother tried to do, she came out on the other end okay. She might gravitate towards boys more, after all these years, but what matters more than that is the fact that she has become her own woman, and does not tear other women down in the process. She demands to be herself all the time, and she makes friends with who she wants, and she knows that they always have her back, just like she has theirs.

Her friends and co-stars said that Ariel need not come to anybody for a suggestion and that she is self-made. It looks like her co-stars echo confidence in her. (Source:Thetalko.com)


Ariel Winter, the ‘Modern Family’ star loves watching Saturday Night Live. As mentioned earlier, she is fond of music and has a band of her own. She says that she loves the show too much and dreams of hosting it some day, which we are sure anyone would like to see. She has the ability to be funny, and she is someone the public already likes, which means that she would do well enough in the role.

Well, there are a few people on earth who have the guts to do whatever they like. Ariel, who started as a child actress, is a famous figure by nineteen years of age. The reason might be the way she projected herself or the hype she faced. The media is always after her, for some spicy news. But Ariel has always been thriving to follow her heart rather than her mind. Be it music or any other field of showbiz; she never failed to impress the audience.

In fact, Ariel is a bold and beautiful person who never asks for permission from anybody. Quite challenging enough, Ariel has the guts to run any music show and be the show stopper. She can take anybody to her knees. (Source: Yahoo.com)


Ariel Winter’s first job was a commercial advertisement. She did the ad in 2002 when she was only four years old. She was just a cutie pie, and she looked cool while being screened on TV for the first time. Ariel was motivated by her family to be on screen, who were counting their blessings that they had a pretty daughter to put on television. After that, she got selected for many other commercials and then finally for a TV show. She gradually made her way into Listen Up, Monk, Bones and ER. Her career has a steep rise. Now, that she is a grown-up individual, she is bagging several offers for TV serials as well as ad commercials. But she had a humble start, and her mom was too ambitious with the little toddler. Whatever differences she had with her family, she came over it, and today she’s transformed into a strong individual.

With significant growth in career graph, Ariel bagged up chances in serials moving on from commercial ads. The most evident reason why all her family members want her is that she is earning. Afterall, who loves to lose a cash cow? (Source: Revelist.com)

2 SHE stands up for herself

Ariel Winter, more than once, has had to deal with haters over the internet. She spoke to The Talk and mentioned that there are people who do not have the guts to face her, but pass comments while she posts her pictures. While Ariel looks overdeveloped compared to others her age, it is no reason to hate her. She merely said that she does not bother when people talk on her back. Famous people are often trolled for not wearing an appropriate dress, or when she is a bit unfit for the dress, she is sporting. The same occurs in case of Ariel.

The fact that she is developed compared to her age is an undeniable fact. But, trolling or body shaming is definitely not an appreciable job, irrespective of whoever is doing that. But as a teenager, she has the right to wear a dress of her choice. She can wear a bikini or mini skirt or whatever she feels comfortable. Ariel sticks to the policy of doing whatever her heart desires

She hates people who have no other job than body shaming and speaking nasty things on her. In fact, the girl is quite bold to accept criticism; many of her age should have given up, only. (Source: Teenvogue.com)


Ariel earned massive popularity by acting as character Alex Dunphy in Modern Family. The serial was renewed for 8th season. Ariel starred as a nerdy Alex, and she is just the opposite of what she is in her real life. But the character was liked by all and gave Alex a lof of popularity. She earned success, and it became a famous character. In fact, Ariel is now a household name for anyone who watches the comedy show for her portrayal of the character. Definitely, this character is her weakness, and she cherishes the golden days, which was the beginning of her stardom. She loved each and every moment she spent on the sets. She made friends with other star casts and enjoyed playing a life-changing role.

She says that Alex is perhaps the most memorable and favorite character of hers. Modern family, an Emmy winning hit series is a favorite serial for those who like family drama. It’s full of wit and also carries a message that every family has to follow. Of course, anybody else in the place of Ariel will definitely remember the role and the golden moments spent so far. (Source: Abc.go.com)

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