25 Unflattering Photos the Marvel Cast Would Rather Us Forget

It’s amazing to think it’s been ten years since the Marvel Cinematic Universe began. Even more to realize it’s been 20 years since Blade became the first true Marvel hit and helped pave the way for so many more. The MCU has dominated although the X-Men franchise isn’t far behind when it comes to making huge hits with huge stars. Both specialize in casting great actors who fit the roles and are able to make them shine wonderfully well for fans to enjoy. Given its huge range of stars, both franchises naturally have to handle cast members getting into antics but having some fun and indeed, many actors are able to carry that into their public lives. But they are celebrities which means the paparazzi is always watching and every now and then, they’ll capture these folks looking less than super.

Occasionally, it can be an embarrassing photo of a forgotten role or a screencap from an interview. It can be a pic at the beach, on the street or social media that shows off in different ways. And occasionally, it can be from a period said star would much rather ignore. With so many actors abounding in the MCU and X-Men, it’s no shock you’ll find some images that come off very unflattering. It doesn’t matter how huge a star they may be, how many awards they have or how popular, everyone has a few times in their life they don’t look their best at all. That includes some of these great heroes or mutants and gives fans some fun seeing them at their least heroic. Here are 25 photos the various stars of these Marvel movies would rather forget and showcase how they can be as human as anyone else.

25 Bananas Blanchett

The idea of Cate Blanchett in the MCU seemed crazy. The woman is one of the most revered actresses of her time, a two-time Oscar winner with a plethora of great films under her belt. She has done the blockbuster path with The Lord of the Rings but still not the actress you’d expect in a comic book movie. When the first images of her as Hela in Thor Ragnarok came out, fans had to do a double-take to recognize Blanchett under the black hair and makeup. But she was a huge highlight of the movie and entertained audiences with her evil turn.

The actress always has a unique style and shown a quirky humor at times. This pic shows that as Blanchett livens up the typical promotional interview with some funny faces and this catches her cross-eyed and pointing at her head in a bizarre way. Seeing this esteemed actress looking like a nut is funny but also showcases the range that helped make her MCU turn pay off.

24 Agent of BET?

Nick Fury was introduced in the 1960s as the rough and tumble star of a World War II comic. The character took off so well that Marvel brought him into modern times, now the one-eyed head of the super spy organization SHIELD. The character was always portrayed as white but in The Ultimates series, Bryan Hitch clearly modelled the Fury of an alternate Earth on Samuel L. Jackson (at one point, he even boasts Jackson should play him in a movie). So when it came time to cast Fury for his cameo in Iron Man, Jackson was cast and since then has been integral to the MCU. The veteran actor is believable as this tough boss with a cool style, able to command but also having faults (after all, he totally failed to see HYDRA had been infiltrating SHIELD for decades).

Having an actor who embodies cool like Jackson in the role is good. However, this pic is from when Jackson was hosting the BET Awards. As such, he plays up the hip-hop image with a pink wig and the award logos on special finger bling. It’s hardly the look of the awesome super-spy and should have been kept under covers.

23 Throwback Scarlett

It’s been noted how Scarlett Johansson has seriously grown in her beauty over the years. She started off as just attractive as a young actor but by the time of her casting as the Black Widow, had erupted into a truly hot woman. Her form in that tight black leather suit is a major highlight and Johansson has showcased her ability to carry the part, including being pregnant shooting Age of Ultron but still looking great. Even going blonde for Infinity War can’t take away from how beautiful Johansson is. But this pic from the past shows she wasn’t always this way.

The dress itself is a poor style choice, but worse is the hair which looks like a David Bowie-inspired mess from the 1980s. That this used to be just normal fashion for her speaks volumes of how far Johansson has come in style and some looks best buried in the past.

22 Nutty Odin

Anthony Hopkins can be a bit of an odd actor. When he’s on his A-game, he is spectacular as his Oscar-winning turn as Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs is still astounding and he’s added to it with slews of other great parts. But Hopkins can also take on roles clearly more for the paycheck and hamming it up majorly. His role as Odin balances the two out, Hopkins going over the top but it actually fits for the character as kind of the Gods and pretty arrogant. But he can nail the smaller beats with love for Thor and even Loki and some comedy bits.

This picture comes from the set of Thor Ragnarok which was originally going to have Thor and Loki tracking Odin down in New York which would then lead to the first face off with Hela. In post-production, they decided to relocate the scene to a Norway field and thus this entire bit was cut. So this is our sight of Hopkins showing off in an outfit making Odin look like a lunatic and while he seems to have a good time, hardly the dignified look for the Lord of Asgard.

21 The Mutant Sisters

When you play sisters on screen, it’s only natural you’re linked together a lot in real life. As it happens, Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams have proven their link is much bigger than just being on Game of Thrones. When the series started, Turner’s Sansa was an arrogant and rather naïve girl while Williams’ Arya was a tomboy. Seven seasons later, Sansa is now a cool and conniving player in this Game while Arya is a badass assassin. It helps that the two are good friends and often love hanging out together for social media.

A new connection is to the X-Men franchise, Turner plays Jean Grey in Apocalypse and the upcoming Dark Phoenix while Williams plays Wolfsbane in the upcoming New Mutants film. The two do enjoy hanging out but this pic isn’t among their best. It looks like both have taken to dark red makeup around their eyes and a shadowed pic that looks too sinister. The two are a great pair for the most part yet this doesn’t show the Stark sisters turned mutant heroines in the best light.

20 Not So Marvelous

She’s only 28 years old but Brie Larson is a true Hollywood veteran. She got her start in the 2001 sitcom Raising Dad alongside Bob Saget and Kat Dennings. She got further fame playing Toni Collette’s daughter in The United State of Tara and then some indie work. It was Room that launched Larson to fame and won her the Oscar. She’s now landed the coveted role of Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel, a major female heroine ready for her own solo film.

Thus, at such a young age, Larson is on top of the Hollywood world. But she can poke fun at herself such as this pic from a 2000s party she shared on her Instagram page. Larson cracked about reprising this look as “nothing says ‘I’ve got it all figured out” like a bag that matches your scarf and an earring/bang combo that is purely offensive.” At least she can poke fun at how bad she once looked but thankfully can more than afford a good style today.

19 Thin Thor

Chris Hemsworth was an instant winner as Thor. With his great looks and fantastic build, he was totally believable as the God of Thunder and made his own movies and Avengers huge hits. Hemsworth clearly doesn’t want to just play Thor and is trying to stretch more in his career. A key example is In the Heart of the Sea which got some buzz in late 2015.

Based on the true story that would inspire Moby Dick, Hemsworth played a sailor whose boat is nearly destroyed in a battle with a killer whale and is stranded at sea for months. Hemsworth went all out for the role, only eating 500 calories and losing nearly 70 pounds. This pic shows how skinny he is and with makeup for the sunburn along with a thick beard to fit the role. Sadly, it was for nothing as Heart sank quickly at the box office. Still, it’s notable how the Thunder God slimmed down so dramatically.

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18 Crying Drax

Pro wrestlers turned actors can have a rough go at it at times. But Dave Bautista has proven he can make it work in Hollywood. He was actually in his 30s when he got started in wrestling, an age most are thinking of hanging it up. But as Batista, he became a massive star, a multiple champion and one of WWE’s biggest faces. However, it soon became a running joke how easily he could get injured and his ego rubbed a lot of folks the wrong way.

At one point, leaving a match, a fan managed to get an image of Batista in a weird shot that makes it look like he’s either crying or wincing in agony. Before long, it became the go-to meme for wrestling fans, used to showcase either how you felt of people making fun of you or how bad a meal was. Batista has let wrestling go as his role as the thick-headed but well-meaning Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy has helped make him a major Hollywood star. Yet this shows the Destroyer in a very different light.

17 Benedict photobombing

This was one of the absolutely best castings in all of the MCU. Doctor Strange starts off as a very arrogant man convinced he knows better than anyone and suffering no fools. So who better to play him than someone who came to fame as a modern-day Sherlock Holmes? Benedict Cumberbatch paid off on the promise, making Strange a hit with viewers and an integral part of the MCU now. It’s led Cumberbatch to fame with an Oscar nomination and various other hit movies.

But the guy enjoys a good time and often seems to be as star-struck as anyone else being around major stars. The best example has to be when U2 was at the Oscars and Cumberbatch couldn’t help but leap up behind them to steal the picture. Instantly, “Benedict photobombs” became a popular Internet meme, putting the goofy pose into various other images. Cumberbatch may defend it on just wanting a good time but shows he can be less than magical at times around other stars.

16 The Agents Battle

Lip Sync Battle started off as a gimmick on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and a celebrity guest doing it for various songs. It became so popular that Spike TV (now known as Paramount Network) decided to turn it into a regular show. Since then, fans love to see various A-list celebrities go at it head-to-head to lip synch songs and have a good time. As one of their “theme” episodes, the producers had Clark Gregg (Agent Phil Coulson) go against Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter) in a fun fight. Gregg started off with “Rump Shaker” while Atwell countered with “Pretty Fly for a White Guy.”

This led to round two as each took on outfits for a full-scale production number. Gregg had himself in a flight attendant outfit for Britney Spears’ “Toxic.” Atwell decked herself out in full Lady Gaga garb for “Bad Romance.” The sight of the two doing all these nutty dances and in the costumes was hilarious for fans of their shows. Gregg was declared the winner but still wild to see the two on-screen professional agents going around with looks like this.

15 Captain Split

As hard as it is to believe, there was a serious backlash when Chris Evans was cast as Captain America. Most thought him too young and not fitting a leadership role. Not helping was Evans’ past resume which included the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four films. Among his roles was Not Another Teen Movie, a parody of all those teen comedies of the late 1990s. Evans played the role of the dim-witted jock who gets into various antics. The highlight was a send-up of Ali Larter’s famous scene from Varsity Blues. Only in this case, it was Evans coming out covered in a whipped cream “bikini” and looking totally ridiculous. He even flashed his rear end to show it went around all the way. It was among the various roles emphasizing Evans’ looks more than talent.

Thankfully, Evans proved the doubters wrong, capturing Captain America’s honor and dedication to always doing what was right, no matter what. That made him believable as leader of the Avengers and ready to rise up in Infinity War. Yet this pic shows the future Steve Rogers wasn’t always Super Soldier material.

14 Ritter’s Eye Roll

Most hold Jessica Jones as the best of the Marvel Netflix shows. The character was orphaned as a child in an accident that also gave her super-strength. She tried to be a hero but the twisted mind-controlling Killgrave nearly destroyed her. She’s now a hard-drinking private eye with a sardonic edge that gets fans on her side. Krysten Ritter was perfectly cast in the part and standing out with her performance. She stole the show on this and The Defenders and capturing the part to make it a winner with fans. Before that, Ritter was a popular TV actress in various roles such as Breaking Bad. Her biggest was the too-short lived sitcom Don’t Trust the B In Apartment 23. Ritter played Chloe who presented herself as a “free spirit” but in reality a con artist and borderline sociopath. Her wildly selfish ways and arrogance kept fans intrigued.

This pic is from when Chloe learns of something serious and responds with a truly epic eye role. It’s become a popular meme yet the actual pic of it shows her looking rather undignified. Fans may love her as Jessica but this pic doesn’t show Ritter in the best light.

13 The Hulk’s Skin Condition

Every actor has at least one commercial to their credit. Thanks to the Internet, quite a lot of them can be unearthed and it’s common for a star on a talk show to be embarrassed by a clip of one being shown. Mark Ruffalo is no exception, the actor having been busy for some time with movies like 13 Going on 30, Shutter Island and The Kids Are All Right. When conflicts caused Edward Norton to leave the role of Bruce Banner, Ruffalo was cast for the part in The Avengers, a seemingly odd choice. But it paid off as he showed the struggles of the super-genius handling the literal monster inside of him with CGI making his transformations believable.

It’s led to good success for Ruffalo outside the MCU, including a couple of Oscar nominations. But everyone has to start somewhere and in this case, Ruffalo appeared in a TV ad for a zit cream. The idea of the Hulk promoting something having to do with better skin is hilarious and proof even the biggest heroes have some dark shames in their past.

12 Goopy Pepper

Gwyneth Paltrow was one of the bigger names signed on for Iron Man to help the movie out. The Oscar winner had been a good name for a while, albeit hardly a box office attraction. Still, her role as Pepper Potts was good, elevating the character to Tony Stark’s hyper-competent assistant and often even saving him. She got good material in the movies, even briefly donning the armor herself in the third film although afterward, she was down to just a cameo in Homecoming. That’s because Paltrow has moved onto her Goop company and various other bits while seemingly tired of Hollywood.

This pic is a bad day for Paltrow, her face looking patchy, a bad hairdo and just overall seeming like she could use a nap.While she doesn’t look terrible, she definitely does not look her best, and in the lands of Hollywood, looking like this is a hard no.

11 Star Load

There was a serious belief that Guardians of the Galaxy would be Marvel’s first flop. A key reason was their choice for the role of Star-Lord, the hunky, dashing intergalactic rogue. Instead of your typical hunky guy, they cast Chris Pratt, best known as the dim-witted chubby Andy on Parks & Recreation. The actor astounded everyone by bulking up for the role and helping the movie be a huge hit.

Pratt continued that for further fame like Jurassic World and other films to be among Hollywood’s A-list guys. However, this pic is a throwback to Pratt’s less than great early days before A-list fame. He and then-wife Anna Faris are at the beach, Pratt’s patriotic shorts more for Captain America than Star-Lord and showing the large gut he once had. The guy should be commended for managing to trim down and rise to stardom for GOTG yet this pic is a reminder of how he was hardly marvel material once.

10 Spider-Maid

While Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield were both good, many contend Tom Holland is the perfect on-screen Spider-Man. He totally captures the angst and issues of Peter Parker taking on so much responsibility and balancing high school life with crime fighting. He also captures the action scenes and the character’s non-stop quipping in a fight. To help promote Homecoming, Holland and co-star Zendaya appeared on Lip Sync Battle in a wild competition.

Holland went all out for the finale as he did a performance of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” in full costume from her music video. So we have Spider-Man dressed up in what looks like a maid outfit dancing around while flaunting his arms and rear end. It’s all in fun but still a goofy look. It paid off as he won the competition but it’s a safe bet Holland would like to have his mask on when somebody brings this performance up.

9 Jackman’s Bad Run

In 2000, Hugh Jackman was a complete unknown, even in his native Australia. He only landed the role of Wolverine when Dougray Scott had to drop out due to a scheduling conflict. But as soon as X-Men premiered, fans couldn’t imagine anyone else in the part. Jackman has been fantastic showcasing the character with his wild ways. He makes the fight scenes very intense.

Jackman has gone on to play the role in eight more movies and it’s still his most identifiable part even after a variety of other great roles. The man kept his build for 17 years, proving only he could get as jacked as a comic book character. However, this pic of him jogging catches Jackman getting water out of his face. For one of the world’s most beautiful men alive, this was definitely an embarrassing shot.

8 Loki Loves Taylor Swift

Loki is supposed to be the big villain of the MCU’s early films. He started a war with the Frost Giants, invaded Earth and replaced Odin to become ruler of Asgard. However, Tom Hiddleston’s performance has won over viewers who actually understand Loki fighting after years of being in Thor’s shadow and even thinking himself the hero of things. The fact Hiddleston can be quite handsome and charming certainly helps. The actor has been pushed well by the part and is achieving major fame. That includes a stint where he was dating none other than Taylor Swift. They made a lovely couple on the red carpet and various other events and the tabloids obviously loved the idea of them together. Still, it’s something to see this pic from a beach vacation the two took together.

The sight of the God of Evil in a “I Heart T.S.” shirt is absolutely hysterical, looking ridiculous with it and his tank shorts in the water.

7 Guardian Selfie

The cast of Guardians of the Galaxy get along well despite their obvious quirky bits. Vin Diesel actually isn’t on set at all as his role as Groot is simply him reciting “I am Groot” in various ways to a CGI tree. Meanwhile Zoe Saldana is top-notch as Gamora, adoptive daughter of Thanos and a deadly warrior. She shows herself off great in the fight scenes and the bright green skin makeup job. They do hang out a lot as Diesel is of course also famous for his various action series like the Fast and Furious franchise.

This pic has Diesel and Saldana photobombing Nina Dobrev at the premiere of XXX: Return of Xander Cage. Saldana is showing a giggle while Diesel appears to be roaring out for no reason whatsoever while Dobrev is throwing a quirky pout at the camera. They may be fun on the big screen but the Guardians can be nutty in real life.

6 Breezy Witch

Marvel is known for offbeat casting and that included the role of the Scarlett Witch. The character in the comics is known for her gorgeous looks and intense power. Instead, they cast Elizabeth Olsen, a good-looking woman but hardly a supermodel type. While her hair was dyed red, it wasn’t as huge and the character not a mutant but her powers coming from experimentation. Yet Olsen managed to win over viewers with her performance as the powerful Wanda turning to help the team and handling the battle scenes.

She grew more in Civil War with her connection to Vision and it appears that it’ll build up more in Infinity War. However, this pic shows Olsen having a bit of trouble during her walk with a wind kicking up to show off her legs way too much. She knows it with her expression and probably wishes she had magic to fix this fast.

5 The Wrong Agent

Phil Coulson was intended to be nothing but a one-movie character. He was introduced in Iron Man as just a shady type before helping out and revealing his agency is SHIELD. But Clark Gregg’s performance won over the producers and he was soon added to the sequel and Thor as well. It built up to Avengers with Coulson seemingly killed by Loki, which drives the team to truly form. However, that wasn’t the end as the character was resurrected and made the star of Agents of SHIELD. Possessing a dry humor, Coulson leads the team through tough times such as finding out a key member is secretly HYDRA and various other threats.

This pic comes from a “dubstep battle” that the casts of the various movies and TV shows took part in. This has Gregg as Peggy Carter, not his best look with lipstick and the hat and while it was mean to be fun, fans would much prefer Gregg as Coulson instead of Carter.

4 Thor Under Glass

Some fans were wary of the first Thor movie for the plotline of Thor being banished to Earth. They had wanted a grand cosmic adventure and thus seeing the God of Thunder brought down low seemed off. Thankfully, it worked out by showing Thor as incredibly arrogant and full of himself and thus needed to be humbled by living among humans.

Chris Hemsworth showed himself able to pull it off with great humor, including this scene where Thor is in a hospital and starts tossing folks aside. He’s boasting of his greatness, still not grasping he’s been stripped of his strength when a nurse sticks a needle into his backside. We thus get this sight of his face pressed hard on the glass before being knocked out. It was the first step to Thor proving his worth as a hero and helped craft another key step in the MCU. So it may not be dignified for the God of Thunder but then, that was the point.

3 Scarlett’s Nosy Pic

Sometimes, a gorgeous woman can pull off some notable attachments. Sadly, this is not one of those cases. Scarlett Johansson is known for her terrific humor and stunning presence, terrific pulling off any outfit and looking great anywhere. She’s proven that as the Black Widow and a variety of other parts.

However, Johansson sadly cannot pull off a nose ring. It just looks horrible on her, marring that otherwise beautiful face and way too distracting. This look thankfully didn’t last too long and Johansson was doing it more for a movie role. However, it just shows her looking too “trailer trash” in many ways (not helped by that outfit) and thus proving even one of the most gorgeous women on the planet can’t properly pull off some looks. It also shows that a few kinds of “bling” should be ignored, no matter how stylish they may seem.

2 Downey’s Moment

It’s hard to believe but there was once a time when Robert Downey Jr. was considered persona non grata in Hollywood. He broke out in the 1980s as a very good actor but sadly the ‘90s and 2000s had him hitting serious lows thanks to his various problems. Just when it looked like Downey was about to get a comeback, he’d do something and get arrested again to ruin it. That’s why it was seen as a risk for him to be cast as Iron Man but Downey beat the doubters by perfectly capturing Tony Stark’s arrogance and also his desire to help others.

It made the movie a hit and kick-started the entire MCU with Downey continuing to play the part. He’s funny but shows Tony’s flaws, his arrogance and his sad belief only he knows best which has caused a lot of problems (see Ultron). Downey’s riding high in Hollywood now but also has to remember how low he once was. If nothing else, these shots are a reminder of the dark side Downey had that hurt him a lot.

1 Happy Deadpool

One of the absolutely best castings ever of any Marvel character has to be Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. The actor already has a great comic timing and a smarmy persona that fits the role nicely. His turn in Wolverine Origins was badly done thanks to the terrible script that had Deadpool actually mute for a bit. Thankfully, Reynolds was persistent in getting a real movie made to the point of leaking test footage. The result was a big-screen smash success that captured the characters R-rated gore and wild fourth-wall breaking nuttiness.

Reynolds has obvious fun to the point of mocking other comic book actors in costume (he and Gal Gadot have taken good-natured shots on each other thanks to Deadpool doing a Wonder Woman pose). This pic has Reynolds in makeup doing a mad grin which could fit with Deadpool at times. But it also shows the goofy aspect of the actor and why it may not be the best look despite how great he comes off in the movies.

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