ABBA ‘so happy’ as near The Beatles and Elvis Presley records after Voyage album success

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Having broken up over 40 years ago, ABBA made a comeback this month as they released their brand new album Voyage. With over 48 hit singles worldwide, the Swedish pop group are no strangers to chart success. Their latest record saw 204,000 first-week chart sales, which is the highest since Ed Sheeran’s Divide.

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Having headed straight to UK No 1, this was the highest opening week of sales for any album in the last four years.

On top of that, Voyage is the fastest-selling record released by a band since One Direction’s Midnight Memories eight years ago.

Additionally, aside from ABBA and the boy band, only Adele’s 25 album has hit the 200,000 barrier in first week sales during the last decade.

On their 10th UK No 1 album, ABBA told the Official Charts Company: “We are so happy that our fans seem to have enjoyed our new album as much as we enjoyed making it. We are absolutely over the moon to have an album at the top of the charts again.”

ABBA’s vinyl version of Voyage is now the fastest-selling of the 21st century, having topped Arctic Monkeys’ 2018 record Tranquillity Base Hotel & Casino.

Of the Eurovision stars’ total sales, 90 per cent were physical copies, of which 29,900 were vinyl.

But most incredibly of all, ABBA are now only behind The Beatles and Elvis in terms of longest time at the top.

The foursome have had 58 total weeks at UK No 1 on the Official Album Chart, but aren’t too far off topping The King.

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Elvis has has 13 UK No 1 albums, five of which were posthumous, with 66 weeks holding the top spot in the charts.

However, The Beatles are lightyears ahead with 15 No 1 albums across 175 weeks.

It’s unlikely ABBA could beat the Fab Four, but breaking The King’s second place in terms of weeks is certainly within reach.

Obviously, it will depend on how well Voyage does over the next few weeks, but then there’s always the possibility that ABBA release more music if they don’t retire after all.

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ABBA Voyage is also becoming a virtual stage performance in London next year as the band mark their 50th anniversary.

The group have recorded a concert performance by motion-capture that will be presented as ABBAtar versions of their younger selves.

Fans who attend the ABBA Arena in Queen Elizabeth Park from May-December 2022 will hear the band’s greatest hits and a couple of Voyage singles, accompanied by a live orchestra.

The ABBA Voyage album is out now and concert tickets can be purchased here.

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