Abbie Quinnen must avoid sunlight for two years after suffering horror burns

After suffering third-degree burns from a bottle "hack" accident earlier this year, dancer Abbie Quinnen has now revealed that she must avoid sunlight for 2 years.

In January, Abbie, 23, and her boyfriend AJ Pritchard, 26, were filming a life hack video for their Instagram followers online.

The hazardous trick involves dipping a rope in a flammable chemical, then wrapping it around a bottle and lighting a flame to it which will turn the bottle into a vase.

Although the dangerous technique has been done successfully by others before, Abbie was immediately engulfed in flames and rushed to hospital where she received three skin grafts.

The dancer has been recovering well since the incident, but she has now revealed that she must avoid sunlight for two years.

As a result, Abbie has to change her wardrobe completely and wear clothes that protect her skin.

The blonde beauty who once enjoyed showing off her figure and exposing her skin must now wear poler neck jumpers and hats.

Speaking to The Sun, Abbie explained: "Since I was little, people used to always say what a pretty girl I was. As a

dancer, so much is about how you look, and so for my face and body to be so badly burnt, that was really hard to deal with.

"My wardrobe was full of crop tops, little vests, dresses and bikinis, and now I have to wear a compression vest for two more years. I can’t expose my skin to the sun."

Abbie must still receive laser treatment to help reduce her skin’s redness. The star also revealed how painful the treatment was and how it changed her skin to a darker completion.

The professional dancer went on to admit that boyfriend AJ bought her a Burberry bucket hat to cover her face from the sun which she thought was lovely but it also made her very sad as a result.

"I can't dress to show off my figure now; I have to dress to hide and protect myself," she explained.

When going out, the professional dancer said she must continue to wear high-factor sun cream in foundation, she also wears "lots of make-up" to cover the redness on her face.

To ensure her skin recovers, Abbie must continue to drink plenty of water and eat a high protein diet.

Since the accident, dancer Abbie has thanked her boyfriend AJ and his brother Curtis for their swift approach.

When the fire had engulfed Abie, the boys decided to drive her quickly to the hospital after they realised an ambulance would not come in time.

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