Alamo Drafthouse Could Get Its Own Season Pass Subscription

Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas will launch a beta movie streaming project.

With traditional movie theatres becoming less popular in today’s streaming world, niche chains like Alamo Drafthouse have to find ways to captivate the movie-going audience. There are presently 35 Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas spread throughout various cities in the United States, and while they may be small, they may make an impact with this move.

According to Engadget, this subscription model will let cinema goers purchase their tickets through the app and when they arrive at the theatre servers will scan their ticket once the patron is in their seat. The planned subscription model will also allow you to purchase tickets for friends when you order food. Other bits of information that are available at this point in time say that those interested in the beta will be chosen from a list, and they will have two weeks to opt in or not.


This news comes after AMC and Sinema announced their own subscription models. Presently, Alamo does not have a price listed for their beta program. In fact, details are very scarce on this subscription package as a whole. MoviePass was also recently at the receiving end of some negative press after it was announced that they would start rolling out surge pricing and a $164 million bond scale in hopes of keeping the lights on.

The question is will this be the future of how movies are consumed? Maybe. Or maybe not. Alamo already fills a very specific niche, in that they demand their audiences follow proper cinema etiquette. This is certainly something not as strictly enforced at more mainstream movie theatres. One could argue that if those etiquette rules were strictly enforced at more mainstream theatres that the movie-going experience would be vastly improved for everyone involved, then you wouldn’t have to deal with chatty-Cathys in your immediate vicinity, allowing for a more zen-like experience. Ultimately, theatres have to try to stand out more than in the past as streaming services are highly convenient at home, and Alamo Drafthouse’s move could pay off in that regard.

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