Ameer Vann Kicked Out Of Hip-Hop Group Brockhampton Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Brockhampton will cancel the remaining U.S. tour dates, ‘go home and regroup.’

Ameer Vann has been kicked out of Brockhampton, following sexual assault allegations. The California-based group announced the news via social media.

As NME reported, earlier this month, a number of women accused the 22-year-old rapper of being abusive. Emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and relations with a minor were among the things Ameer’s former partners had accused him of.

Multiple women shared their stories and experiences on Twitter, calling the rapper emotionally manipulative, a cheater, and a predator who is known to “degrade women and make forceful advances.”

The rapper responded on Twitter, apologizing to the people he’s hurt and the fans he has disappointed, claiming he has been “working on himself” for the past three years, seeking out help, learning every day.

Ameer’s promises and vows, however, seem to have left his band mates unimpressed. Brockhampton, which consisted of 14 people before Ameer’s removal, BBC noted, is a musical group formed in San Marcos, Texas, currently based in California.

The band formed in 2015, after Kevin Abstract posted a message on a popular Kanye West message board, calling other forum members to join him in his musical endeavor. Kevin Abstract and Ameer Vann have been friends since high school.

Brockhampton, who enjoy a cult following, were recorded performing in Boston on Saturday. Ameer was absent from the show. In the recorded footage, Ameer’s band mates can be seen standing silently during his verses. One of the members, Joba, was reduced to tears.

Kevin, the group’s leader, addressed the allegations in an Instagram post last week, adding that the band’s newest album release will be delayed. It was due to be released in June. According to BBC, Kevin apologized for staying quiet.

“I should have said something,” he wrote.

Apart from the album, Brockhampton, who were touring the United States, will cancel the remaining tour dates, “go home and regroup,” a post published on the hip-hop group’s official Twitter page reads.

Some fans, BBC noted, consider the band’s firing of Ameer Vann to be wrong. The band’s lyrics cover topics like sexuality and masculinity, so some fans even thought Ameer’s firing was unjustified, because his behavior was consistent with the hip-hop group’s values.

“Stop being apologists for abusers you like and outraged about those you don’t,” an angry fan tweeted. Others think the decision to oust Ameer could could spell the end for the group.

Ameer Vann was an original member of Brockhampton. According to Pitchfork, he appeared on the cover of all three albums in the band’s 2017 Saturation trilogy. Prior to joining Brockhampton, Ameer was in the group AliveSinceForever with Dom McLennon and Kevin Abstract.

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