Ariana Grande Shades Gabi DeMartino Over Bad Impression, Fans React

In case you missed it, YouTuber Gabi DeMartino recently uploaded an Ariana Grande parody video online, and to say Ari fans were unimpressed would be, well, a HUGE understatement…

In the video, Gabi is seen dressing like Ari, doing her makeup like Ari, and even laughing like Ari (or trying to). But despite Gabi claiming to be a big fan of the “No Tears Left to Cry” singer, the comments on her video were flooded with hate from Arianators.

One person on Twitter wrote, “Gabi is still trying to be Ariana,” while another fan criticized her by tweeting, “that gabi girl been trying to be a carbon copy cat of ariana for YEARS now. It’s not cute, it’s creepy.”

Surprisingly, Ari seemed to agree with her fans’ disapproval of the video, as she took to Twitter herself to react to Gabi’s impression with the comment, “yea this ain’t it.”

— Pop Crave (@PopCrave) July 22, 2018

After Ariana sent her shady tweet, it wasn’t all that surprising that Arianators dragged Gabi even harder — so much so that it even hurt her feelings.

Gabi responded to the hate saying, “I mean all she saw was that weird Harry Potter scene from the video but now the whole fandom (which im apart of) is tearing me apart. my heart is being ripped out this isn’t fair.”

Once Ari realized that Gabi was getting so much hate, she hopped on Twitter to say that her initial tweet was only a joke. She explained, “I was just being funny I knew they’d laugh at that my bad babe. It’s all love here, u know that. Ayo but next time can you wear more neutral tones and not do the cat laugh. jk.”

It’s probably safe to say Gabi won’t be impersonating Ari again anytime soon :/

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