Arnold Schwarzenegger Would Time Travel Terminator-Style To End Fossil Fuels

Arnold Schwarzenegger would love to travel back in time like the cyborg he played in The Terminator so that he could prevent fossil fuel from being used.

The actor spoke at the U.N. climate conference in Poland on Monday explaining that if technology had been used instead of fossil fuel, the plant would not be in such dire straits. He even referred to fossil fuel as evil.

Schwarzenegger went on to talk about how the United States is still involved in the international accord to curb global warming, despite walking away from the agreement last year. He explained that at a state and local level, there was a significant amount of support for the accord, even if the help on the federal level was lacking.

The former California governor made it clear that what can be done at a state, city, business, and even individual citizen level is not to be discounted. He also suggested representatives from those levels be invited to the conference next year to prove just how invaluable they are when it comes to helping with global warming.

He was not merely paying lip services to those at the conference either. Schwarzenegger admitted that he as a citizen and one man has made changes that he believes will assist in curbing global warming. For example, his Humvee trucks now run only on hydrogen, electricity, and biofuel because he converted them to run that way to help make a difference in the environment.

The 71-year-old also shared that he only allows himself to eat meat three times a week. Schwarzenegger revealed that reason behind his decision was to get people to think about how their eating habits are affecting the environment around the world. He also believes a lot of pollution comes from eating meat. A lot of the factories where meat is processed pollute the air.

In keeping with The Terminator theme of his speech, Arnold Schwarzenegger reminded those at the conference that he would be back, a reference from his famous line “I’ll be back!”His speech was enlightening and referencing one of his biggest movies certainly made an impact.

What did you think about his global warming speech?

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