Avicii's Ex-Girlfriend Wrote an Absolutely Heartbreaking Post About Him

Swedish DJ Avicii died on Friday, and heartbroken tributes from the music community have been pouring out. Now, his ex-girlfriend Emily Goldberg is speaking out about the loss.

Along with a series of photos of the two of them, Emily wrote, ‘Come on babe, don’t give up on us. Choose me, and I’ll show you love.’ Those are lyrics from a song Tim wrote for me. I wish I could have lived up to them. For the two years we were together, he was my closest confidante, and my best friend.”

She continued: “Now, I can’t look at Bear without knowing I’ll never see his face again. I’m still collecting my thoughts and thank you for all your kind words and texts. Wake me up when it’s all, because I don’t want it to be real.”

She also posted a photo of some of their messages:

? #ripavicii #avicii

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Avicii cited health reasons for retiring from live performance in 2016. The 28-year-old’s passing was confirmed in a statement by his publicist.

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