Backstreet Boys Member Talks About Possible Joint Tour With Spice Girls

Howie Dorough seems to be interesting in doing the joint tour which many fans are hoping, adding that touring with ‘the Spice Girls are probably next level.’

Backstreet Boys star Howie Dorough has confirmed he and his boy band pals are still in talks with The Spice Girls about a possible joint tour.

Talks of a joint concert run emerged earlier this year, and recently Howie and the boys dressed up as the all-girl band on their annual Caribbean cruise to perform Wannabe in full drag.

And now the singer insists fans’ dreams may come true, because the Backstreet Boys have initiated talks to get a joint tour with the Spice Girls off the ground.

“It’s interesting now with these supergroups touring together,” Howie muses to Entertainment Tonight. “We had a great tour with New Kids on the Block (in 2011) and we’ve thrown out the idea of doing something internationally with Take That. But the Spice Girls are probably next level.”

“They came out the same time as us and had massive worldwide success, which is something we were also blessed with, so we’ve thrown out the idea.”

Members of the Backstreet Boys and the Spice Girls have been seeing quite a lot of each other of late, as they are working together on other joint projects.

Howie chopped it up with Melanie Brown during a recent concert in Dubai, as well as on her TV show America’s Got Talent, and his bandmate Nick Carter worked with Emma Bunton, aka Baby Spice, on reality TV series Boy Band.

“Nick’s friends with Baby Spice after Boy Band and we’ve caught up with Mel B on America’s Got Talent, so we’ve definitely talked about it,” Howie says, “and Mel B has been talking to some of her girls about it.”

Every member of both bands have kids at home and although the Backstreet Boys stars are all in, Howie insists domestic duties are always the biggest barriers when it comes to making the joint tour a reality.

“I think it’s harder as women (to go on a big tour),” Howie explains. “We’re blessed that our wives are able to stay at home with the kids and stuff like that, but with being a mother and having kids, it’s definitely harder trying to wrangle the five of them together, versus us. But the door’s open, so down the line if it’s meant to be, we’d love to do it.”

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