Beyoncé Is Blessing Us With a Visual New Album

Leave it to Queen Bey to fix all of our quarantine blues. Don’t worry if you’ve already binged your way through Netflix and watched every funny TikTok video available. We have good news for you: Beyoncé is releasing new music. Her visual album, Black Is King, will feature music from The Lion King (remember how she voiced Nala?) and is set to debut July 31 on Disney+. She also wrote, directed, and executive produced the film like a true boss.

It’s based on the music from The Lion King: The Gift, which was curated by Bey. The album has been in production for over a year, and will include guest appearances from none other than Childish Gambino, Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell, Jay-Z, Blue Ivy Carter, and more.

The visual album will show “a young king’s transcendent journey through betrayal, love, and self-identity,” Disney and Beyoncé’s Parkwood Entertainment said in the visual album’s announcement. “His ancestors help guide him toward his destiny, and with his father’s teachings and guidance from his childhood love, he earns the virtues needed to reclaim his home and throne.”

With all of the tragedy surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement, it really is the best time to release an album that serves as a “a celebratory memoir for the world on the Black experience.”

Black Is King is an affirmation of a grand purpose, with lush visuals that celebrate Black resilience and culture,” the announcement added. “The film highlights the beauty of tradition and Black excellence.”

In our minds, the album will be Lemonade meets The Lion King. Is there anything Bey can’t do?

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