Blair Jollands Releases Track About His Lyme Disease

Rihanna’s one-time sound editor’s ‘7 Bloods’ is inspired by a herb from an Andalucian mountainside which he made into a ‘tincture’ to aid his health battle.

Rihanna‘s one-time sound editor has branched out as a pop star with a new dance music anthem about his Lyme disease battle. New Zealander Blair Jollands’ new track “7 Blood” was inspired by a herb he picked from an Andalucian mountainside and distilled it in vodka to make a “tincture” to aid his health battle.

“It’s a killing herb, which means exactly that… it kills pathogens,” he tells WENN. “The song is about being host to the Borrelia Bergdorferi bacteria from ticks, and experiencing their volatile mood on a daily basis. It (Lyme disease) does come and go… and I have seen some success with my treatment.”

“I’ve been fighting it for the last three years after being bitten in France.”

Jollands, who was the supervising sound editor on TV documentary “Rihanna 777”, as well as a number of other projects, isn’t the only musician battling Lyme disease. It has also affected Shania Twain, Avril Lavigne, Debbie Gibson, and Kelly Osbourne, among others.

“It hits everybody differently, with different symptoms but it affects me with fatigue and occasional nausea,” Blair explains. “It was worse to start with. The Lyme is very elusive. It can disguise itself and hide from the immune system.

“It’s very hard to fight as there has been little investment into it, compared to other major outbreaks.”

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