Blondie's Debbie Harry ignored by President Trump as he 'prefers bigger women'

Blondie bombshell Debbie Harry said Donald Trump completely passed her over when they met and joked the US president prefers ‘big women’.

The 75-year-old icon revealed he was introduced to the soon-to-be-President during his Celebrity Apprentice days around 2012 to 2013.

However, she was seemingly ignored by Trump, despite her rock star status.

‘I actually met [Trump] extremely briefly. He was kind of not interested in me at all,’ Debbie recalled to the PA news agency.

‘Then there was a big event, I don’t remember exactly where and, as I say, I met him very briefly. Penn [Jillette, of magicians Penn and Teller] introduced me to him.

‘I’m not tall enough. He likes tall women. He likes big women.’

We don’t know what the President was thinking. We’d call Debbie — any, anytime.

Seems Debbie isn’t too cut up about being rejected by the reality star host -turned-President, and spoke about how she was critical of his time in office.

‘It seems to be very two-sided. There seems to be the pro-Trumps and the anti-Trumps,’ she said.

‘Of course, I don’t really agree with the things he believes in or refuses to acknowledge. I think we are suffering from his lack of acknowledgement of the seriousness and the desperation of the people.

‘And the fact that he is a racist is unacceptable.’

Debbie’s comments come as Blondie prepares for their first UK tour in four years, playing 10 dates in November 2021.

Starting at the London Palladium on November 16, they’ll be supported by Shirley Manson-fronted rockers Garbage.

Debbie also revealed the band has new music in the works.

Speaking about the news coming amid the coronavirus pandemic, Debbie said: ‘I guess it’s a sign of positive thinking and desire.

‘I miss terribly being in the UK and would really like to tour again and play music. It’s going to be quite a long time before I get to do anything.’

General sale tickets are available on Friday October 23 at 10am, with venues and ticket agent pre-sales on Thursday at 10am.

More information is available at

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