Brittany Howard Delivers Prickly Blues 'Baby' on 'Corden'

Brittany Howard performed her solo track “Baby” on The Late Late Show With James Corden Tuesday, September 29th.

The musician and her backing band recorded the performance in an otherwise empty theater, with Howard guiding the reflective blues tune as it swung between its prickly lead guitar riff and rousing rave-ups filled keys, drums and backing vocals. “I guess the joke’s on me, baby,” Howard crooned, “You never did fail to deceive/I guess that’s what I get for being/So quality, babe.”

Howard also joined Corden for an interview, where she spoke about her upcoming birthday plans (going fishing with some close friends) and how she discovered her new love of weightlifting during the pandemic.

“I’m a person who really likes to stay busy, and running out of tour to do and sitting around the house, I had to come up with some new solutions, and one of those things was weightlifting,” she said. “My mother was a body builder, so as a kid, I grew up around all these really tanned, strong men and women. And I guess as I got older, I was just like, ‘Oh yeah, that’s something that I know about.’”

Howard released her most recent solo album, Jaime, last September.

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