Cara Delevingne Sheds Light on Homelessness in The Spencer Lee Band's 'River Water' Music Video

The Spencer Lee Band is painting a vivid picture of frontman Spencer Lee’s past days of living on the streets of Los Angeles in their new music video for their single "River Water," where his experience is portrayed by model-actress Cara Delevingne.

“I was homeless in these L.A. streets when I wrote ‘River Water,’” he says in a press release about the single. “F— being homeless. It sucks. I want people to keep fighting the good fight. This is for all of them still out in those streets at night.”

As Los Angeles’ homeless count currently stands at more than 53,000 individuals in L.A. County alone, the Suicide Squad actress, 26, is helping to shed light on the crisis, as she channels a homeless woman who’s fighting to stay alive.

“Sometimes, folks walk down the street and see a ‘homeless guy or girl’ and what I want people to realize is that’s a person — just like you and me — struggling to just get by,” the singer-songwriter tells PEOPLE about the inspiration behind his new music video. “Cara came along and completely nailed the role in the video.”

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Born and raised in Fort Scott, Kansas, Lee sings heartfelt lyrics about what he experienced when left home and headed west to pursue music, leaving him intoxicated and homeless for three years.

“To go from living in a car on an air mattress blown up in the back seat to seeing your name next to huge amazing stars on Scooter’s whiteboard was amazing,” he says in his bio about being introduced to manager Scooter Braun, who signed him under a joint deal with Republic Records during 2017. “I was forever humbled and thirsty to get out there.”

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With an ending message of “her story is my story,” Lee says the video “was made to show that someone can be fine one day and homeless the next.”

“I put it out in hopes it will raise awareness and compassion,” he adds.

“River Water” is just one single off The Spencer Lee Band’s self-titled debut album, which was released in August.

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