Cardi B Is Recording a Song with Nicki Minaj's Ex-Boyfriend Meek Mill: Report

Nicki Minaj isn’t going to like this!

Shortly after Cardi B was seen hanging out in New York City, with Minaj’s ex Meek Mill, sources told TMZ that the pair recently teamed up to record a song together.

However, while tensions between Cardi and Minaj reached a new height following their explosive fight in September, the “I Like It” rapper, 25, and Mill, 31, reportedly collaborated together a few months ago.

The pair first raised eyebrows after Cardi was seen publicly posing with Mill at the Billboard 2018 R&B Hip Hop Power Players event just three weeks after the physical altercation with Minaj.

The Queen rapper, 35, confirmed that she and Mill had split in January 2017. The pair had dated for two years.

A source previously told PEOPLE that “there was tension” between Cardi and Minaj before their altercation. “It all happened 20 seconds after Kelly Rowland left Nicki Minaj — she was in between them,” a party guest remarked, adding that Rowland, 37, “said hi to both of them first” before leaving to go upstairs.

While the insider said it initially looked like Cardi and Minaj, 35, “might hug it out,” the situation quickly took a turn when
“Cardi started screaming something about her child. She was yelling, ‘Bitch you feisty. Bitch don’t talk s— about my child.’ “

Immediately following the incident, Cardi was escorted out by security while Minaj stayed inside, another source previously told PEOPLE. “She left barefoot with her dress ripped and butt out,” said the source.

Later that night, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper wrote a scathing Instagram post that suggested Minaj had spoken badly about her daughter, Kulture Kiari, which Minaj went on to deny.

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Of course, Cardi likely has a different brawl on her mind these days.

On Monday, the “I Like It” rapper, 25, was charged with one Class A misdemeanor count of third-degree assault and two Class A misdemeanor counts of second-degree reckless endangerment stemming from a fight that took place at a strip club in Queens, New York, back in August.

According to the New York Times and TMZ, two bartenders at Angels Strip Club claimed that Cardi ordered an attack on them because she believed her husband Offset, 26, had had an affair with one of them — claims they have strongly denied.

The mother of 3-month old Kulture Kiari was arrested after surrendering to police on Monday and will be arraigned on Oct. 29, PEOPLE confirmed.

“We’re aware of no evidence that she caused anybody any harm on that night,” the rapper’s attorney Jeff Kern told press outside the police station on Monday. “We expect that the matter is going to be resolved expeditiously.”

A lawyer for the alleged victims begs to differ.

“Cardi B ordered and committed violent assaults against my clients, and is being called to justice for her crimes,” Joe Tacopina, an attorney for the alleged victims, said in a statement to PEOPLE. “Apparently, she thinks her celebrity status puts her above the law, since she has bragged to multiple people and on social media that she orchestrated these vicious attacks.”

Tacopina continued, “But reality is setting in, as justice does not care whether her name is Cardi B or Carly B, and she will now answer for her crimes.”

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