Carol Vorderman fans distracted by ‘perfect bum’ as she announces new project

Carol Vorderman has promoted her new podcast on social media, but- her doting fans were very distracted by her "perfect bum".

The 62-year-old maths whizz recently released a podcast, entitled Perfect 10 with Carol Vorderman, on platforms like Acast.

The description of her new venture states that her podcast is a "daily quiz that’s guaranteed to educate, entertain…and irritate".

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She writes: "Each day I’ll have ten questions that’ll really get your synapses firing and maybe get you groaning when I reveal the answers."

Promoting her new podcast on Monday, January 9, Carol took to Twitter and penned: "PERFECT 10 OUT NOW!! 10 questions. 10 points. 10 minutes. I’ll post the links below but come back here later and let me know if you got a perfect 10?"

Her loyal legion of fans were quick to throw their support behind their TV favourite, with many leaving sweet comments.

"You are definitely a perfect 10," penned one.

"The real 10 is you," added another.

A third then swooned: "Beside the point but you look amazing!"

While others seemed distracted by Carol's bum, which previously bagged the title of Rear of the Year.

"Don't know about perfect 10 but defo the perfect bum," penned one.

"I’ll admit succumb to the wiggle in yesterday’s teaser advert but I'll give it a go," said another, referring to the recent video clip of her wiggling her bottom in tight trousers.

While another brazenly joked: "Wiggle wiggle," with a peach emoji.

Just the other day, Carol sizzled on Instagram and Twitter when she shared a slow motion video of her wiggling her bum.

Fans were enamoured by her cheeky display, with many commenting on the video.

Some even took to a Reddit thread dedicated to the former Countdown star, with many gushing over the 62-year-old starlet.

"Definitely knows how to please her fans," wrote one.

A second added: "She knows what we need and always delivers. Should have been Rear of the Year every year."

While a third penned: "So absolutely gorgeous and sexy… yummy."


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