Chloe Ferry strips to bra as she screams during washing machine attempt

Geordie Shore babe Chloe Ferry thrilled fans with an eye-popping display, as she stripped to her bra to speak to fans on Instagram.

Like most of the globe right now, the reality queen has been following government instruction to stay home amid the coronavirus crisis that has seen the world take lockdown action.

Chloe took to her official account to updated her 3.4 million followers to tell them how she was keeping herself entertained during self-isolation.

She said: "I've been in quite a good head space lately, I've been doing me workouts at home, I've been doing all me house work as well and I've been speaking to my friend Becky who puts me in a really good headspace."

While talking to fans her washing machine kicked into overdrive, causing the star to scream with fear as it kicked into a fast spin for the second time.

She screamed: "It's going to crack me f***ing tiles."

The 24-year-old had previously recorded herself screeching after using the kitchen gadget for the very first time and as it startled her as it began to rumble uncontrollably terrifying Chloe.

Shouting while filming the bombshell said: "Jesus Christ. What is going on?! It's a f**king racket"

It seemed that her new appliance had just kicked into a super fast spin but Chloe hadn't realised washing machines could make such a noise.

Blaming living alone, she added: "This is what happens when you live by yourself and don't have a clue."

After splitting from former Geordie Shore star Sam Gowland, Chloe treated herself to a swanky new pad in Newcastle.

Chloe recently hit the headlines after it was revealed that she had now become a millionaire after she reportedly built up her first million in the bank.

Any follower of Chloe's will know that she is always keeping herself busy with television work, personal appearances, her beauty line and, of course, sponsored social media posts.

The 24-year-old also manages two businesses which handle the cash from her many ventures, with them boasting more than £250,000.

According to The Sun, it was suggested that Chloe had cashed in more than £1million in the last two years.

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