Chloe Madeley opens up on her two-year struggle to conceive with James Haskell

Chloe Madeley has revealed she had a two-year struggle to conceive with husband James Haskell before she became pregnant with her first child.

The fitness fanatic, who is the daughter of Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan announced her pregnancy last month.

However, the star recently expressed feeling guarded to share information regarding her pregnancy due to her previous issues.

During a Q&A session on Instagram, Chloe, 34, was questioned on why she hasn't shared more about her experience with her fans online.

Discussing the reason behind her decision, Chloe penned: "Well, I suppose there's a few reasons why I'm not solely or constantly posting about being pregnant…"

She continued: "1. As wonderful as it is, there is actually a lot more to my life than the fact that I'm pregnant. Quite a lot more.

"I remember when I was trying, for 2 years, and it was hard watching everyone around me get pregnant.

"It didn't make me feel jealous or even envious. It just made me feel… sad. Really, really sad. And every time I do post, I remember that feeling, and I'm sensitive to how the post might be received," she explained.

Chloe also went on to explain that she felt nervous about posting her baby's progress due to only being 18 weeks pregnant.

She added: "I'm only 18 weeks. So I'm still quite nervous about it all to be honest. Unsurprisingly, and like everything in life, it's actually pretty complicated."

The star also captioned the post: "The snapshot isn't the story."

Despite her reservations, Chloe did share a glimpse of her growing baby bump during a gym workout on Sunday.

Wearing a black crop top and shorts, the fitness instructor left her fans in awe.

Chloe also told her followers that she felt unwell but informed them that she was still continuing with training at the gym.

She said: "A lot of you are asking if I am still lifting and the answer is yes!'

"In all honesty, I couldn’t for about two months because I was so unwell, Very sick, and shockingly bad headaches, but gradually I’ve been able to resume my training frequency over the last 2 to 3 weeks."

"You are absolutely fine to continue on with what you were doing before you got pregnant. A few things might need to be tweaked.

She added: "No lying flat on your front or back, no high intensity workouts, no progressive overload, re-strength fitness, but it is perfectly healthy and beneficial to your pregnancy to continue on with your training."

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